Memorizing historical dates => major vs. PAO?


So, for the last few weeks I’ve tried to memorize historical dates. I browsed the forum read a lot of posts but didn’t really find any system that seemed particularly efficient to me. I spent a lot of time trying to modify my PAO to fit the (e.g. 03.09.1872 or 09.12.1993) format.

i) I tried to encode the century with a location so that the remaining format ( would fit my normal PAO system. I even took two locations for each century, dividing each century into two halves (e.g. 1900-1950 = loc 1; 1950-2000 = loc 2).

ii) I tried to encode the century with an auxillary verb ( So I would imagine stories such as Arnold Schwarzenegger (=16) must (aux for 18th century) mix (=25, Brian Eno) a blackboard (=15, Albert Einstein).

iii) I tried to encode wtih PPAO.

However, all of these approaches leave me with the problem, that linking the date to the historical context is rather impossible. I either remember the date but not what happened at that date, or I remember the context but not the date (i.e. not the mnemonic story). This is especially true for the PAO-Loc. because historical context often requires you to memorize the location that the event actually took place at. Auxillary verbs worked slightly better but I fail to make up sufficiently coherent links of my stories to the historical context. Just imagine linking ii) above to a historical explanation of an event. That Anki card is going to be rather lengthy. PPAO might seem like the best option then. I haven’t really tried that out enough but I anticipate that it might work better. In the end it will still not be very efficient.

I remember using the major system a few years ago to remember birth and death dates of authors and philosophers. That worked quite well. However, remembering lifedates does not require you to add much context to the mnemonic so it stays succinct. I’m really frustrated at this point failing my Anki cards every single day. Help? Do you have any advice for me? I can’t seem to find any solution in the archived posts on here…