Memorizing General Dates (YYYY) vs. Memorizing Specific Dates (DDMMYYYY)

I am new to this whole memory thing, but super interested. I have compiled a list of people & actions, according to the Dominic System, and so far memorised everything as best as possible. Now I’m slowly trying to make use of that system, but I’m a bit confused about a few things.

My main question so far seems to be this.
Say I have the following things to remember:

Event A : from 1901 until 1918
Event B: 19 January 1918

How would you go about dates like these? For some events I need to remember just the years, for others I need to remember exact (and full) dates. How do I know that my date is 1901 until 1918 and not the 19.01.1918? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!!!


Hi, d.miller

Event A : from 1901 until 1918
For the word “Until”, use a “ROPE” between 01 and 18 to tie them up together.

Event B : 19 January 1918
For the word January - I’d use an image for January. In my case it is Umbrella, as J looks like an umbrella that also gives the impression of winter time.

Hope this helps.



I’m not sure my approach will help, especially since I use the U.S. date format of MMDDYYYY. But when I’ve memorized specific dates, my approach is to have an image for the month that is based on a natural association with that word/month. April is rain, December is a Christmas tree, July is fireworks, etc. The DD is an image based on the Major system. For a four-digit year, I use animals/creatures based on the Major system to represent the century; those animals/creatures then have an action or object that represents the last YY of the year. (If all of your dates are going to start with 19__, then maybe you can skip encoding that information entirely.)

For me, 19 would be a tabby cat. So, 1901-1918 might be represented by a tabby cat (19) wearing a suit (01) and walking toward a dove (18). That “walking toward” also acts as a way of connecting 1901 to 1918.

For 19 January 1918—which I’d have as January 19, 1918—my image would be my Aunt Jan (January) sitting in a tub (19) with a tabby cat (19) with its paw around a dove (18) (or maybe dove feathers poking out of its mouth). You would just have to link that scene to whatever your Event B happens to be.

My system, although it’s quirky, doesn’t depend on always using the same images to represent specific numbers. Using the Major system, I can create variations that allow me to, say, always use a tabby cat to represent a century. If I see a tabby cat, I know it’s not just representing the number 19; it’s a century. If I need just the number 19, then I usually use “tub.” And if I need to imagine a specific person for some reason, then Tim Burton can also represent 19. (I hope all of that makes sense.)



I like the idea of having extra mnemonics for the months of the year. I was also thinking of doing something similar for centuries, because right now any event in the 19th century has Alfred Nobel in it, any event in the 18th century Adolf Hitler etc. Although I also don’t want to complicate things, so I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll open up a new topic for this specific question.

Thanks also for the idea with the rope - I can imagine this to be pretty helpful too. At the same time I don’t want to attach meaning to too many objects, since I it gives me less freedom constructing stories.

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