Memorizing dense materials and flow charts

How do you even form mental markers for something this dense it would take a lot of effort afnd time and i am starting to think that it would be better if i go back to rote memorization combined with spaced repetitions to learn things similar like this…BUTTTT​:sweat::cry: after all the days i spent on learning and exploring visual memorization i am determined to learn only by this method from now on
I was sooo psyched when i read wonders of this these techniques but now i think its not a very good idea to learn very dense material of this kind
Coz i have more than a 1000pages with similar material density
Share your thoughts please i don’t wnna go back to rote memorization i wanna do things visually

How i visualise and learn
first i pre read a chapter and form questions in my mind and form temporary markers.
I then go on reading the chapter along the flow, reading a topic and its content and then taking a pause to form a mental images by the information i just read
This way i complete whole chapter then i recall all the images i have made and then i put them in my memory palace which helps me recall again
Then next day i recall everything while simultaneously making Mind map of the information and then correcting the content from the chapter if i find any mistake and then go through my palace again
When i complete 3chapters i recall all the chapters again and then after 10days
And then i practice questions related to it.
Tell me if i can add something more to increase my effectiveness or to improve (nothing electronic )


The way I would go about it is rely on my natural memory and use mnemotechnics for the bits I don’t remember. Mnemonics allow you to memorize gigantic amounts, but there is always a pause in decoding.

I dont get it niten (indian?:sweat_smile:) And i think with my natural memory i wont be able to keep track of the information and when i had to add something to my memory journey in the midway of memorizing the material how would i connect to the topics that i read earlier

I am confused to how should i go abt learning :grimacing:
I really want to go ahead and just use the techniques on everything but i am scared of the dead and All that i did would go to waste (it took me like a month to create and visually memorize palaces vividly which has more than 1500 station
I mean idk i am frustrated mann
Should i , should i not give it a go?!!!
I am cloudy on what should be done

Yep, 'tis tough trying to learn real things. Take a look at Anki, a flash card system app. Flash cards, with specific repetition times, are one of the best memory techniques there is, lots of info on it.