Memorizing credit card numbers

Any idea how to memorize a list of credit cards and PINs?
Which technique would you suggest?

Thank you in advance

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

A common technique for that kind of task is to combine the Major System with the memory palace technique. See the how to memorize numbers page and the free ebook for an introduction.

I would go with PAO, Major System and Mind Palace for that.

If you create PAO for 2-digit numbers, you can store 6 digits in one image. You need 16 digits for card number and 4 for pin, giving 20 total. You can do it in 4 images, still having spare time for card expiration date. Assuming you would place 2 images in 1 loci in your mind palace you just need 2 locis per card.

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I just use my credit card as the palace. I shrink myself down and the images from my number system are acting out a scene on my card.

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Thanks. I appreciate all the tips.

Well, if it starts from “1” I just find a year on Wikipedia and see what happened in this year.