Memorizing complicated mathematical formulae

I wonder if anyone has a comprehensive system for memorizing mathematical formulae, operators, variables, what goes where, etc.

Simple formulae like πr² are easy enough to get into my brain, but what about more complicated formulae, like Q = mcΔt, where m, c, and Δt are all variables, PV = nRT (I get this one mixed up a bit), or even worse, m = (m₀ / sqrt(1 - (v²/c²))), pronounced “m = m sub zero over the square root of… 1 minus… v squared over c squared”.

Also, how do you handle Greek letters, like α vs. a, or λ vs. l, assuming your formula uses both? Sometimes I end up running into that type of situation where I need to keep track of both. (I think I remember a formula involving both l and λ but I forget what it was, sorry. I might also be misremembering.)

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You may want to take a look at previous threads in the forum.

I particularly don’t have a system for every single symbol, but using acrostics has been very effective in my experience. It occurred to me after learning a common Spanish acrostic used to learn the formula for integration by parts:

Un día vi a una vaquita sin cola vestida de uniforme
Translation: one day I saw a little tailless cow wearing an uniform :joy:


For some ideas on letters see mnemonics for letters and mnemonics for Greek letters.

Hi, there.

I was preparing for my machine learning exam, full of mathematical formulation. First of all, memorization isn’t the solution to all problems you encounter. It’s to understand. When it comes to understanding, you should do some exercises. I was just using my hand to write it and force myself to memorize combining with exercises/example. Second, I was using story association to memorize the formulation, because I love storytelling. it really involves creativity. Third, it’s to review. Space repetition is the key.

You also can check ther30 website.

Hope it’s helpful

Interesting. Thanks.