Memorizing bunches of info rather than indivual items


I’ve been using memory palaces now for a bit and have a decent, general understanding. I have a few memory palaces set up to remember important numbers (such as financial information) and then fun memory palaces such as the top 20 brightest stars that we can see from Earth.

I’m coming to something I haven’t dealt with and wanted some advice. I’m learning more about chemistry and quantum mechanics so I’m creating a palace for this information. Some of the information is easy enough to create a visual story such as the fact that a proton has a positive charge. But eventually I will get to stuff that’s a little more complicated, such as how to find the number of valence electrons in an atom (as in, a sequence of events compared to just a single piece of information).

For people who use a memory palace, how do you go about doing this? Do you have the entire topic/process in one location (as in, just one, long continuous story in one location) in the palace or do you spread it out over a few locations?

Thanks in advance and hope all are safe.

If you had to explain it to a five-year-old, how would you do it?

That is the question I ask myself always when working with processes. this has two sides to it. Firstly there is the image forming, because when explaining something on the level of kids, you usually have to resort to analogies (just assume that they can understand analogies) and/or demonstrations.

The Explain like I’m Five page on Reddit sometimes has gems like this. Gems like complex management systems explained like playground situations, a nuclear reactor explained as a scale with various objects on either side, and muscle function explained by using a folding chair. It might take some luck to stumble upon one, as most people explain it with simple language only, but the concept of ELI5 is the same concept you can use here.

Secondly, it also helps to get it into your mind already. It forces you to think in different ways, which is always a good thing to do when memorizing concepts and processes.

However, the image mentioned earlier is what we have to continue working with.

Such images I place on one locus. If the processes are REALLY large, I might use more, but usually one is enough once I have a clear enough image.


Thank you much for the advice. I like your quote about trying to teach it to a 5 year old. Great advice for this and many non related things