Memorize the 12 Days of Christmas Lyrics

This is a quick memory challenge to remember the 12 Days of Christmas lyrics. You could use a memory journey or a peg list system, like the number shape system, number rhyme system, alphabet peg system – or just sing it through a few times. :slight_smile:

The 12 Items

  1. A partridge in a pear tree
  2. Two turtle doves
  3. Three French hens
  4. Four calling birds
  5. Five gold rings
  6. Six geese a-laying
  7. Seven swans a-swimming
  8. Eight maids-a-milking
  9. Nine ladies dancing
  10. Ten lords a-leaping
  11. Eleven pipers piping
  12. Twelve drummers drumming

(Image license: CC BY-SA 3.0)

There are some variations listed on the page below.

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Just memorised it :slight_smile:
Using the basic pegs it was easy enough but a lot of fun.

it starts with;
β€œOn the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me”
A partridge in a pear tree

and then the same sentence is repeated with the next one in line with the first, and so on, and by the time you get to 12, you’ll have no choice but to probably remember this for life :slight_smile:

Easy and fun challenge.

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