Memorize All the Prime Numbers up to 10,000

Here’s a challenge: memorize all the prime numbers up to 10,000.

I like Simon L’s analogy that he used for his memory system, that could also apply to this memory challange:

If anyone attempts this, please leave a comment below! :slight_smile:

I’ve marked the level of this challenge as “intermediate”, because it requires a working mnemonic system for numbers.


Hello! My name is Al Dorado. I already memorized all the prime numbers between 1 to 1,100 (184 in all). I can recite them in ascending or descending order. I can start anywhere and go forwards or backwards. I am willing to do the challenge up to 10,000.


I am curious how fast can quick math does, memory for first 10,000 prime faster than mathematicians?
In my understanding that a number is prime if it’s 6n±1 for input > 4.

Turns out doing two calculations (input±1 / 6) can opt out many of non prime cases.
I am sure memories must do faster at some level but where is the turning point, I am eager to know. if anyone had watched any competition regarding the two approaches, please share the video link below.

You can check my video on YouTube “Memorizing Prime Numbers” by Aladdin Dorado to see how I actually recited the prime numbers between 1 to 1000 in ascending and descending order. I hope you will not consider this as spamming, only a proof of my claim. Thank you.