Memorize a script

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Hello, I’m Brenda and I need to memorize lines quickly, because I am back into acting and I have always had a fear of not being able to memorize my lines so it held me back. I see here that I can overcome that fear.

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I haven’t tried memorizing scripts (other then a little Shakespeare with no pressure of reciting it in front of anyone), but I’d imagine that it’s similar to verbatim text or poetry.

I haven’t tried the technique in the video below, but it looks interesting. See also, New Member: actor with questions


I have done this.

Helps one easily implement the technique she is describing.

I have a memory palace (I used the film the Matrix). Each shot in the film is a loci in the palace. Each loci contains one sentence (which would normally be too much). Each sentence is also an Anki card - I also type in the sentence into Anki. Some cards ask for the entire sentence. Some cards have the hints with blank _ characters or just all the first words squashed together.

This is a sentence. = T_____ i_ a s_________. = tias

This allows me to shove in one sentence per loci.

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