Memorising underwater

I need help to memorise while underwater, for up to 6 months.

I am a submariner and want to continue to develope my memory and mnemonic ability while deployed. (My memory palace is currently my submarine, which as an engineer I am continually conducting rounds of and checking all areas of, which helps in detail)

My issue is aquuiring enough offline resources to study when deployed later in the year so I do not stall or tire of persuing improvement.

All apps, programmes books, general tactics would be greatly appreciated.


For that period of time I would suggest to prepare a variety of different types of mental task that you could practise during the 6 months. The variety would be great given many other aspects of your life would be repetitive, and it would keep your mind very sharp!

Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • develop some more memory palaces with space for 100+ loci
  • develop a system for memorizing binary? Decimals? Cards?
  • practise memorizing flash numbers
  • learn some mental calculation categories (there are many and it’s easy to train these offline)
  • get some audio recordings and get good at memorizing them quickly
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If I were you,I would create a lot virtual Memory Palaces and practice other mnemonic techniques with my MP…

If you are a fan of spaced repetition, you should get Anki software…