Memorising the constellations

Stargazing is a hobby of mine. I can identify the constellations in the sky, but I sometimes get lost and need to look at a star chart.

I’m trying to memorise the constellations ( [go to the bottom and turn constellations and constellations art on]). Specifically, their relative size, and what constellations they are next to. Ideally, I should be able to answer questions like, “If I draw a line between these two constallations, which constellation will the line pass through?”

People speculate that the constellations were a memory palace for the ancient peoples to memorise the stars, but I’m not sure how this is meant to work. For example, in the story of Andromeda, (, Andromeda is rescued from Cetus by Perseus, but, then in between those three, there are Pisces, Triangulum, and Aries.

I have a memory palace for the signs of the zodiac (which are all in a “belt”, or “ring” in the sky, which covers 360 degrees). It’s Thomas Bradwardine’s (A ram kicks a bull in the nuts, right next to a woman who is giving birth to twins, one of which gets nipped by a crab …). I’m thinking of somehow attaching my stories for the other constellations, via some sort of peg system (e.g. starting with the zodiac sign, Pisces, the fish, then attaching the sea monster Cetus, in the deep, then above the water Perseus, to the left is saving Andromeda.

Then I would supplement this with my natural memory, of the stars within the constellations.

I’m trying to brainstorm.

Any ideas?