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I am wanting to memorise the post office prices and i am curious as to the best method to use. I have a understanding of the memory palace, loci and number matrix but im not sure on how to go about it. As they have 1st class and 2nd class, and also different categories like letter, large letter and parcel

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The best method is the one you will chose.
Which methods are you considering and why?



Check out the getting started guide for an introduction to number systems.

After that, just make some images to represent every combination of letters, if there isn’t too many.



Here is a simple 3 step process.
1: make distinct images for the different categories. This means the image for 1st class should be very different from second class. This makes sure you do not confuse the 2.

2: use a system for changing numbers into objects. I personally prefer the Major System. Easy to learn and quick to make images with. This can be found by following Batemans link.

3: link the 2 together.

Example. Prices taken from
Let’s say the image for first class is the queen.
Sending a letter first class costs 62p.
6 = sh, soft ch, j, soft g, zh
2 = n

An image for 62 could be ‘chin’ or ‘Sheen’ (Charlie?).

I would imagine a first class letter being delivered to the queen. The mail man throws it at her and it hits her chin. This is all very basic. See the image vividly a couple of times. Don’t make it a static image. See all the details and actually try to feel what the queen feels when the letter hits her chin.

Then think ‘first class letter’ and if you have seen the image vividly enough you cannot help but retrieve the whole scene. Key of course is to get to the ‘chin’ part. Once you have the chin you revert it back to numbers again: 62.


Easy now
Thanks for the reply’s guy’s i appreciate your help. And thanks kinma for the detailed breakdown.
I understand your point about the queen for 1st class and your eg of the mail hitting her chin. i think that is a good idea. But how would you go about the categories of the letter, large letter , small parcel etc as they have different weight categorys within each with a different price.
Also how would you rekomend to do the 2nd class. Would you have it as another charactor possibly in a different memory palace? Or maybe the same.

I was maybe thinking of having a memory palace eg the post office or a friends house. Im thinking more a friends house for the rooms. And have for eg the doorway as the letter, as their is only one in this category and also the letter box is on the door. Then maybe have another room for the following section that is ‘large letter’ that has 4 inner sections for the weight, so that would be 4 loci. And then 2 loci for small pacel in say another room. And then 5 in a final room for large parcel.? Also with this i would maybe use the major system to make a image for the weights.then place them on the loci.

Also i was thinking if i was to want to know a price for say a parcel up to 1kg in 1st and second class. Would the above method make it harder to reflect the price difference on the spot? And i have now just thought i should also have some way of knowing the sizes of each category. As they have LxWxH measurements aswell.

Also to complicate it more how would you recomend then goin on to do 1st and 2nd signed for. And also the same question as to reflect on the prices between signed for and not.

Again thanks for your reply’s before and thanks in advanced if you have any idea on how to help me further. Im not asking for you to do it for me but just some guidance so i dont end up making it harder to work out.

Thanks again Nightfox133