Memorising music

What if any memory systems are available for remembering music. I used the dominic system to some success for remembering guitar tablature years ago. More recently i am learning violin, i plan on paying for the Trala app on my iPhone to sharpen up my musical ear and to familiarise myself with written music. I was wondering if anyone knew of any more structured system aimed at music as my previous effort were just improv based on the dominic system

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What kinds of musical things are you trying to memorize? Songs or music theory?

If you type “music” into the search box, there are some previous discussions there that might provide some ideas.


I intended to be able to read sheet music and translate that to a journey so as to be able to play it at a later date so essentially sight reading from memory. Ive done it before on guitar using tablature but that is easier to convert into the dominic system and doesn’t translate that well to violin. The dominic system is the only system ive clicked with so far as i have a bery strong visual memory

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I’m not sure how to do that with a mnemonic system, but there might be some ideas in the other threads on #music-memorization.