Memorising Medications

So today I’ve been very busy setting up a system for memorising medications. I’ve managed to create the system and memorise the first few medications beginning with A. It is time consuming but seems to work… I think.
First I have stored it in my hospital palace in the Pharmacy - which makes sense to me because I know exactly where to find it.
Next I created 24 locus some really exist , some I had to add on but they are all items you would expect to find in a pharmacy. I have it quite well established in my memory.
Now this is where it got a bit complicated as I only have 24 locus to play with so I have a letter of the alphabet stored at each location (XYZ together because there are very few meds beginning with these letters)
so… I have started at the door where A is stored - now as you can imagine there are many many medications to I am wading my way through them deleting those that are not licenced for use in the UK or ones I know I will never administer.
I really need a system that will identify each medication in isolation but that is near on impossible considering that their are at least 3 medications I need to know beginning with Ace…so this is where the system may fail.
I started a sort of PAO system but use Animals, things to wear and Modes of transport instead. For example
A = ant, apron, aeroplane.
B = bear, bra, bus
C = Cat, Cap, car and so forth…

My first medication on my list is Abacavir - treats HIV - antiviral

My image/story is …(Door/Ant-bra-aeroplane/)Plane with pilot ant wearing bra swoops down causing car to reverse and veer off road. The pilot ant lost control because of a Highly Infectious Virus - A back-car-veer(Abacavir) = treats HIV - anti viral.

Second medication is Abatacept - treats Rheumatoid Arthritis -immunosuppressant
My image/story is …(Door/ant-bra-aeroplane/)Royal Air force plane with pilot ant wearing bra lands in bay singing ta ta ta to earth wind and fire - September playing on CD. In the sky a moon with surprise present - abay-ta-sept = treats RA -immunosuppressant…

Now although the beginning is the same (ant, bra aeroplane) and this may cause some confusion? There are not that many times that this happens obviously all A’s are going to be the Ant getting up to his antics :slight_smile: but the combination when item to wear and transport are added is practically always different and on the odd occasions when it isn’t I’m hoping my memory will still be able to cipher the info and identify the medication, how to pronounce it and what it is for.
Hope this makes sense. I’d be very interested in some input before I plough on and then realise there is a big problem and it wont work.

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This seems to get a lot of work, but I’m really curious to see if it has worked? or have you found any alternative methods for memorizing medications?