Memorising habits & routines?

There doesn’t appear to be many posts about memorising this specifically, so I thought I might make one.
So I am a bit of a self-improvement person, and in the past i’ve tried many habit tracking apps and most of the time they don’t work because either a) there’s some sort of stupid membership or b) i would forget to check and track them.

So one day i had the idea, why not just create a palace for it?

It’s really as simple as you can get:

  1. Chose a room/palace.
  2. Create a image for a habit or a part of one, depending on how detailed you want to get, and you can integrate the Major System to better remember the order. (I do)
  3. Place it, and create an image for the habit you want to do right after the previous.
  4. Rinse and repeat untill you’re finished.

So for example, I wanted to start stretching after i get out of bed in the morning, so i placed an image of me waking up in bed, and then on top of that bed i have a figure performing yoga while wearing a sun mask. (sun=02)

I found this to actually work quite well for me, I just have to remember to walk through it first thing in the morning, but after that i’m set!
Have any of you guys done something similiar to this? Thoughts?


Hello, Zillia. That is a great idea! Thank you for starting this thread.
I tried to do something similar at the dinner table. Create a set of associations linked to each of the objects at the table. Look at the items, think of the associations, and improve my eating habits.
So first was the fork. “F” is also the first letter of “five”- senses. Use all your senses. Notice the color and texture of your food, its smell, its taste, what it sounds like as you chew it, etc.
Second was the knife. The knife is for cutting food. Take small bites.
Third was the napkin. Breathe. Notice the napkin flutters if you breathe on it. Relax and take your time.
And so forth.
I came up with ten loci, because that’s the number I usually aim for. And, as you say, just “rinse, repeat.”
But it was boring. I think I didn’t stick to it because it was boring.
What is your “figure performing yoga”? Is it a deity who you enjoy seeing?
I think of statues and paintings of deities in Buddhism. They would serve as companions.

Maybe your figure performing yoga engages you in a deeper way than my objects do me.

I think I will try creating an imaginary coach who will talk to me or accompany me, setting an example of the right way to enjoy a meal.

Let us know how it goes for you, Zillia. A memory palace can be forgotten just like a habit tracking app. We are trying to control our future selves, aren’t we? But they tend to want to do their own thing.

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Thank you! And i like your idea of the associations at the dinner table, i think it´s quite smart to link it to something that already appears before you, so you don’t need to check your palace at every dinner for example.

Secondly. no, my figure is not a deity or anything spiritually related. I just imagined some guy wearing a white body suit and wearing a sun "mask"which is common where am from.
I choose this image since well… it was just funny to me, and it has stuck.
You said you didn’t stick to your associations because they were boring, i found that if i imagine it being a bit funny, or it has movement or some sort of sound, then i remember it better, an “imaginary coach” sounds like a combination of those, and quite an interesting idea, please tell me how it works for you!

“We are trying to control our future selves, aren’t we? But they tend to want to do their own thing.”
Really love that qoute! I think it sums up the struggle of self improvement,or anything really

I like this idea. But I would only put someone funny stretching. Sounds like you found a fun way to remind you of the habits youd like to have ?

Heres my idea (been doing this for awhile and up to now it as my little superpower secret :laughing: ) :slight_smile:

Once you have your habit, combine it with another image or palace filled of things youd want to learn and everytime its stretching time, its recalling time for this ! before or after, but every time. Both become married and never leave each other. Learning Spanish ? link your “tengo dinero = I have money = tango dancer on dinertable” image to your yoga figure and everytime you stop at your yoga guy, you revise tengo dinero. before, after, during, as long as its done naturally.

It works really well also with normal habits like, everytime Id be opening my kitchen faucet to get some water I have to recall a given mnemonic or piece of palace or simple a : "how you doin ? are you thirsty? in spanish.

its time to brush my teeth ? another image linked where my toothbrush is brings me to take the 20 seconds to recall another piece of info I want to remember.

I dont even realize I do it anymore!

Zillia thank you for great idea and perfect explanation :+1:. I saw this post in the right time. Just moved to London and I do need to stick to my habits in order to organise my time.

I’m starting now to create my habits place :beers:

Una idea muy interesante ericam! Though i’m not really sure if recalling the same sentence over and over during a habit will really help much in language learning, unless you use these more as reminders for certain phrases. I can see how it would work for mantras/affirmations though.

Muchas gracias Zillia ! No No I dont recall it over and over again. Its only one given piece of info when I dress up, one when I open the front door, one when I need to make a call, one info for one habit or gesture I regularly do, but not too often. And of course you only recall until you dont need to anymore, like when I end up using the given sentence naturally in my daily life, even if its mixed with my native language, its only by using it in context and without planning to do so that I have proof to have remembered good enough. Well thats what happens to me. Try it, youll see ! Are you learning a language a the moment ? Cheers !

The beauty with this is I end up doing it without realizing it. Without having to put any time aside.

Por el momento estoy aprendiendo español. I have never used the method of loci so much for language learning however. I mostly just stick to Anki and comphrehensible input.

Aprendi mucho espanol con esos metodos ! I used loci and the micro-habit method I just explained above, and I focus on learning dialogue, basic conversation. I can get by pretty well and learned without having to dedicate any time to it, as strangely as that sounds. I worked on my loci on the bus, when walking, do one second recalls of the expressions, rules, words I have trouble remembering; I also spoke Englishspanol hahahah as much as I could at the beginning when I didnt have enough vocab etc.