Memorising Excel 2010 shortcuts

Hi Everyone.

I have a list of about 200 excel 2010 shortcuts that I plan on learning (some of them I won’t memorise as I don’t use the functionality). Just wondering anyone has any ideas for a suitable system. I could use the major system as I have 100 pegs. I have a few journeys I can use but maybe I need to develop a new journey that makes sense of the various categories I can bucket them into.

I’ll let you know if I come up with anything useful.

I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else wants to do this challenge



One idea would be to use a memory palace. Make a different room for each section of the cheatsheet.

I did something similar with another kind of cheatsheet but I used alphabet pegs. I separated the sections with walls of fire. I’ll write that up in my blog soon. I think a memory journey would work just as well.

I’d make some images for the things that will repeat:

  • rows: rowboat
  • columns: Greek columns

In the “hide” room of the memory palace:

Location 1: place a rowboat with a balloon in it (represents the number 9). I probably wouldn’t need an image for every single thing so I’d just remember that the two options are Ctrl-9 and Ctrl-Shift-9.

Location 2: a soccer (football) ball among some Greek columns to represent zero. The two options are Ctrl-0 and Ctrl-Shift-0.

Location 3: an elephant (6) repeatedly sticking it’s fingers in a socket (AC) and getting shocked on an off. Ctrl-6 toggles cell visibility.

Location 4: an outline of a snowman ( 8 ), like at a crime scene.

Location 5: I remember keyboard shortcuts by muscle memory. Alt-shift would be my thumb and ring finger on this keyboard. I’d use an image of pulling back an arrow with those two fingers, aiming at two groups of people – one on each side. Alt-shift- and either the right or left arrow groups or ungroups.

To recall shortcuts about hiding, just go back to the “hide” room and look around…

I don’t have Excel and don’t know exactly how those shortcuts work, but maybe something like that would work…