Memorise 2 pictures at times

hi i m trying to memorise 2 pictures at time to be faster but when i have to recall and place them on my journey it become confuse…can somebody help me. excuse my english i m from france :wink:

If you’re having trouble keeping the images in order within one location, you can create simple rules. I use a tip from the Ben System: arrange the images from left-to-right or top-to-bottom.

hello …i’m the crazy man i want to challeng you in memory lesgue because you are witth me in the tabel league …send me me a messge for play togather ok…

Hi @abderrahman1672,

Please use the private message for your division to arrange matches. There is a link to it at the bottom of the League page for your division.


@Simon i have a problem in my art of memory i can’t send a messge of my division i don’t know whay.please help or tell of my division for send me a messege for playing togather…thankx

you should focus on what is the main image and background image. Or it’s like what is the main character and props. If you’re memorizing Spiderman and Thor, Spiderman should be the main focus of the image. And picturing Spiderman holding a large hammer should be a little enough to remind you that Spiderman is before Thor

Try and recreate the image again and again after memorizing it till you are able to produce an exact copy of the original one.