Memoriad Multiplication with timer enabled(the hardest part)

I never enable the timer when doing tasks before. It’s my deepest fear, It distract me a lot. But I have to face it somedays… So here I am…One of the biggest step I have ever take.
I wonder is there anyone else have a similar experience


I recorded some of the tasks. To avoid controversy, this time I chose a medium score instead of the highest, and the task is of a difficulty above average and without zeros.
The video: Untitled - YouTube


Yes, I have the same difficulty when doing calendar calculations. My maximum cadence is a little faster than 1 date per second so it can be tricky not to fall into the rhythm of the timer!

I can’t remember whether you can just disable it during the competition? When I competed (2016) I just kept it on.

Sometimes, if I answer faster than usual, I get surprised (“ooh this might be a new personal record!”) and that can distract me too.

With practice, you can just learn to ignore it like you might ignore background music or a random flashing light. And at the same time, if you are confident in your abilities you aren’t going to get pressured by the time being slower/faster than you expect.


Thanks for your reply @Daniel_360

Haha this is a tough case for me too
The more I focus on breaking PB, the faster overall speed I get, but I seldom break my PB in that kind of mindset, instead I always get it when I was absent-minded
That’s one of the most funny part in training

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Excellent, as always!