Memoriad Addition Task example

This is an example of my activity in the Addition task. Do you believe I can improve this?

My limit is 6 rows…


Да,със сигурност можете…Моето дете решава 1 задача за 1 мин.

Yes, you can certainly… My child solves 1 task in 1 minute.

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Do you count rows one by one or 2 by 2?

Strikes me as a very strange question… shouldn’t you know that best for yourself?

Obviously, there’s people that can do all 10 without mistakes and time to spare… does that apply to you? I don’t know. (Don’t forget that there’s also others that can’t get a single one correct in 10 mins.)

We already discussed ways to improve before… did you apply any of them? What’s your progress as far as complements and double-digits?

One by one.

I choose to do counting them like soroban but without using Finger Math.

For instance, when I must add 8 I know thats 10-2, so I add 10 and substract 2.

I don’t know if I can improve, really I don’t know.

I ask you because you should know better than me as you’re more used to do calculations than me and in a better way.

…and why do you think that is? Are you not keeping track of your progress? Are you at a plateau? Do you not know how to push past a plateau? Do you just need some motivational speaker to tell you “you can do it!”? Maybe the opposite, someone to tell you “that’s right, you can’t,” so that you can prove them wrong?

Ultimately, you are the only person that can possibly know if you can improve or not, because everyone else you ask is not you!

By that logic Michael Jordan is a better basketball player than you are (an assumption of course, but I think I might be right), so he should be able to tell you if you can get better at basketball or not… why do you assume he has that knowledge? …or for that matter, that we know about your potential?

My 2 Cents

Now this may or may not be true… I’m just guessing based on earlier posts that you are impatient as far as “training input” / “competition output”. I believe both @Kinma and I have suggested before that you do double-digits to get faster. Obviously, this won’t happen over night… far from it actually. Similar to signing up for a gym and expecting to look like a bodybuilder a month later.

It seems you are more comfortable with the single digit approach though… and there’s nothing wrong with that. So why don’t you just get some consistency into you trying and do the following:

Mon, Wed, Fri

Morning: 30 mins without break 10x10 addition marathon
Evening: 30 mins 10x10 sprint over and over

Tue, Thu, Sat

Morning: 30 mins 10x10 sprint over and over
Evening*: 30 mins without break 10x10 addition marathon

*skip Saturday night and do it Sunday night instead

Have a training log to write down the number of blocks for the 30 mins marathon and the number of seconds for each sprint. If you don’t have 30 mins morning and night, then do 15 minutes instead… the point here is consistency.

Also, don’t mix up the schedule… if you do what you’ll do first thing in the morning as the last thing the night before, your brain won’t have any other stimuli in-between… so don’t do your 30 mins and then watch tv or read a book, but go straight to bed… similarly, no breakfast… first you do your 30 mins.

Take the weekend off (last session Sat morning, first one Sun night) and do other stuff… do this for 4 weeks… and only then go back to doing a timed 10 minutes (not at all during the 4 weeks). The important thing is to keep track of your progress in a training journal and see yourself improve over time after. By that I mean when you look back at it after the 4 weeks… don’t freak out because this particular day you were slower than yesterday… not the point of this.

After 4 weeks, take an extra day or two off… do one 10 mins session as warmup… short break, then do the actual 10 mins session to compare to today’s result. If you want to take it a step further, go the social accountability route and post your results daily in #journals here on the forum.

ps: much longer than I wanted this post to be, so maybe I’ll check for typos sometime later, but don’t count on it.

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Thanks for your comment!