Meet me.

Hi I am ZSteel from Nigeria. I bumped into Art of Memory yesterday and didn’t even know exactly what it was until lately.

Am a student of Niger Delta University, in the faculty of Art and department of History and Diplomacy. However, I took another jamb examination to enable me study law.

I have a very big problem with remembering things: I forget instructions in seconds and I even find it difficult remembering my password.

Also I don’t understand informations quickly. I practically have to read a piece a million times before understanding a little.

I really need a sharper memory. One that understands quickly and forgets less.

I also love arguing; I’d love a memory that makes the practice easier for me.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page.

Have you tried the “Feynman Technique”? That usually works for me when I don’t understand something.