Medical competitive exam


Hi everyone, in december 2019 i’m passing a competitive exam so i’m looking for the best memory technique and tips to better memorize. have a lot of information to remember: hematology, bacteriology (physiopathology, clinical and biological signs, treatments…), drugs (indications, mechanism of action, adverse effects, contraindications …) And a lot more…
I learned a lot about the mind palace technique but I don’t know if it is suitable for this competitive exam because of the mass of informations.
Thanks you :slight_smile:


Like this…?

(ant) #3

which exam is it so we can better help?


I’m a french pharmacy student, it’s a competitive exam to specialize in medical biology or hospital pharmacy.
There are as many subjects as in medicine: hematology, bacteriology, biochemistry, immunology…


I don’t have Anatomy but thank you there is a lot of interesting things on this channel