Me and my bad memory :)


Hi, I’m Ailen, also you can find me as Alany_Mogad in games, especially if you play Pokémon Reloaded. I like video games with deep stories, I link them with a strong feeling and then I use them as a strong point for association.
I love learning and studying, is what I’m good at. Since leaving primary school, I’ve been using Logical thinking, never tried memorizing except by brute-force memorization some of the concepts I couldn’t understand or didn’t care at all (History dates and other stuff common people usually don’t know or remember).
When getting to college, I decided it was important organizing topics and their details into “stories”, not only associating ideas but giving them a specific order (for example, a chemical reaction, causes of an illnes, etc.). I never needed to memorise that much.
But then I realized I’d forgotten a lot of details or even whole stories, so I wanted to improve my memory skills, not only by brute-force memorization, but using something I can give a feeling.
So I learned about Memory Palace, I thought it was dumb, too time consuming, not what I was looking for. I used the image-relating tip tho, it worked well remembering 15-30 plants with their details per week I just had to link an image and a story, the funnier or weirder, the better. But after a month (July 2017) I could barely remember the majority of the plants, which I needed to learn again after 4 months!
I thought it was a good idea to give order not only to details/subideas of a main concept into a story, but also give order to the images and story placing them somewhere in my memory, somewhere I could remember by heart. Then I realized I needed Memory Palace to organizing them.
I learned 60 plants with every single scientific name, common name, used part, uses, principal compounds and structure. My rule was “Don’t waste time with the obvious terms” such as “Menta”-Mentha piperita-Menthol-Leaf (this is mint), piperita is a funny term already, and starts with “Mentha” so it’s impossible to forget.
I place them in a big park I loved from an artist that makes funny Sim Dates (Pacthesis). The story was so deep I couldn’t forget the place, so I made my own park while thinking in that Sim date. I filled it with my own stuff: A central fountain, and 8 or more paths, each one will be a subject.
The first path takes me to a Greenhouse, I used Google Images because I’ve never seen real one. I placed all my plants inside that Greenhouse (entire buildings and clubs, treehouses, seas). The one I liked the more was a building with roots on the windows where there lives all the plants which used parts are roots (Ginseng, Polygala, etc.). Also there was a whole country (Egypt, for Eucaliptus because it reminds me of Egypt for some reason) attached to a balloon (“Globo”, for “Globulus”) and lots of “egyptian cats” going down the balloon cord and expectorating fur (“expectorante”).
In the outside I used a Bento (“Benedict” reaction), and the story goes on. I realized I mastered the subject in 1 month when I usually takes me 2 years!!! I was fascinated!!
I obviously passes that exam, it was easy-task. I plan to do the same with the 5 subjects I’m studying at the moment: Pharmacology, Nutrition&Bromatology, Medicinal Chemistry and Salud Pública (“Health”), so I need to create 4 more Memory Palaces. I’ll be using a Spaceship, Market, Zoo and Religion stuff in that order.
So this is my beginning, I don’t have much time (1 day per subject), but I hope this works!
Thank you for accepting my registration :)!

(Silvio B.) #2

Welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Ai_Leen:

Wow. You do have a lot to remember and I can’t imagine trying to do it, especially without a system. I sure could have used a system when I was in school. Happily I at least had a list of 100 items and it came-in handy.

I liked your plant journey, I could envision the whole thing as you described it. It seemed kind of fun actually.

Nice meeting you,