Math formulae

Are there any mnemonic books or courses that focus solely on mathematics and specifically the best way to memorise formulae both simple and complex?

I will be able to do it with something like the journey method but(to shorten my learning curve especially) I was wondering if there is anyone out there (dominic o brien touches on math in his book ‘how to pass exams’), that goes more deeply into the subject? thanks y’all

I don’t know of any specifically for memorizing math, but I’ve seen a few on mental calculation…

Dominic O’Brien has a short chapter about math in How to Pass Exams.

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There are several visualization techniques that many mathematicians use to visualize mathematical laws on simple objects, so that to understand the theory of symmetries, only two tables of different shapes are enough to mentally outline their general contour. Absolutely any mathematical laws can be visualized with a certain amount of effort. Mathematical laws can be remembered in the same way as legal ones. As for the equations, you can simply turn letters into objects and remember them as a simple sequence.

Mathematics and physics are not much more difficult to memorize than other sciences. They are also integrated by internal logic, which allows you to stack images in large blocks.


Hi AttiLa-24,
I have a friend who is struggling to memorize formulas for her Calculus exam. How would you visulize this equation? ( Forgive me for failing to produce the entire formula since symbols like the sigma didn’t seem to paste into this format. I’m hoping these are basic formulas to be memorized that you would recognize. )

Integral Test
If f is a continuous, positive, and decreasing function on [1,∞) and
an = f(n) then
– The series P∞
n=1 an converges if the integral R ∞1
f(x)dx converges.
– The series P∞
n=1 an diverges if the integral R ∞1
f(x)dx diverges.

Another equation:

Direct Comparison Test: If Pan and Pbn are both series with positive terms,
– If Pbn is convergent and an ≤ bn for all n, then Pan is convergent.
– If Pan is divergent and an ≥ bn for all n, then Pan is divergent.


I think it`s enough to visualize the geometry meaning of integral test. There is a great video in Khan Academy: Integral test | Series | AP Calculus BC | Khan Academy - YouTube

For example. Leonard Euler rarely memorized formulas, just the graphics.

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