Mastering the double line sweep(speed reading)

It is entirely normal for a beginner without brain damage to be able to only retrieve up until
and dreaming. This
wake you up. I the
for around 20 seconds. Therefore I will say you don’t need to worry about having brain damage as far as memory is concerned.

It is generally from this time upwards that you train.

nagime i am struggling to only hold it for 5 seconds.

Is that normal??

Are you struggling to hold a shorter amount for 5s too?

yess i blaming it on memory damage from pot

To double check.
How long can you hold this in your memory ?


sorry i am getting confused what you mean?

Characters on sight.

Without reading them as two eight etc.

i need support of my voices holding the memory in my memory for those few seconds

It tells me that i am dependent on holding the words via voices in my head

I am doing bad

Characters on sight.

^^ i don’t understand what you mean

When you look at
And you close your eyes , try to picture it in your mind, for how long can you recall this picture without having to look at it again,without using your internal voice.
Since you have seen it already a few times try it with this one instead


20seconds is around normal.
Less than 20 seconds is a bit bad.

thankyou :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not everyone uses visual memory, so I wouldn’t be too concerned if you need to use your voice. If you close your eyes, are you able to visualize pictures or is it visually dark? (Some people have #aphantasia and don’t visualize pictures in their minds.)

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hopefully i can overcome this chronic memory problem from training double line sweep recall in the long runn

makeing a mental picture is helping

thanks nagime :kissing_heart:


thankyou guys for support putting me on the right path for doubling line sweep recall

Is there an easy brain exercise a short cut to strengthen-ing my dope-y memory from the double line sweep recall work i am doing? already

thankyou :two_hearts: