Mastering the double line sweep(speed reading)

how do I master absorbing chunks of information forward and backward double line sweeping action

how do i absorb the chunks of information

how do i master it

First I believe there is a speed reading tag, in case you want to write more posts about speed reading.

Verbal reading does not provide much efficiency backwards. So you must certainly be referring to visually reading text.

A little thinking is giving me the idea that a good way to practice this is to line up a set of nouns which you can easily visualise and then practice visualising them in sweep motion. Then gradually increase the count and start introducing sentences after that. Focus first on speed before increasing the count and also clarity.

Apparently your eyes move in a wave fashion along 2 lines of text, if you want to see it linearly you would move /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ along 2 lines of text.

In chunks. Try learning to encode 2 at a time then 3, then 4 etc. Doing it slowly first will help you get the ‘same time’ right.


The largest keys to speed reading (>1200 WPM is where speed reading really starts) include the following:

  1. Do the “push up drills” WITH THE WRITTEN/DRAWN RECALL PATTERNS (1 hr x 6 days x 10 weeks minimum)
  3. Do THE WRITTEN/DRAWN RECALL PATTERNS <- see a pattern here
  4. Remember that speed reading practice (push ups) are NOT reading but forcing yourself to go faster than you can currently read: Max Speed -> then 2x speed -> then 3 x speed, repeat for an hour x 6 days x 10 weeks)
  5. By simply forcing your eyes to cover the material “too fast” and your brain to pay attention the neural nets are built – we don’t know “How” it’s just something the brain works out because it hates being bored. We don’t know how we learn to “walk” or “talk” either.
  6. The WRITTEN recall patterns are necessary during training because otherwise your brain learns to SEE the ideas but doesn’t learn how to INDEX them. It’s like putting all your files on a hard disk with no directory structure or in a database with no index – or a chucking your work files in the basement without using a file cabinet and filing system.

So when you get to “reverse” sweeping you are just entering the range of true speed reading AND asking your brain to do something entirely foreign to experience.

You are just learning to push past auditory reading and to “accept out of order information” – trusting your brain to (learn to) resolve, organize, sort, and index that takes a LOT of proper practice.

DRILLS ARE NOT SPEED READING. They are the “weight lifting” that you need to build muscle. Largely pointless and boring unless you know you really want to develop this skill.

Proper practice is (see above) largely push-up drills and written recall patterns 1 hour per day, 6+ days per week, 10 weeks in a row.

You might do it in less, but there’s no guarantee. And you might have to repeat it every so often if you don’t continuously practice ACTUAL speed reading in your life.

Drills train & prepare you to speed read – they are NOT speed reading per se.

We know this because the first 1-minute of the drill is “read as fast as you can”.

By definition you cannot read any faster (that day) than you just accomplished.

Then 30-seconds of FORCED recall patterns even if you can’t think of but one word or idea – or none. You must spend the entire 30 seconds TRYING for recall and writing what you think MIGHT have been in there. (But usually the 1 segment is pretty memorable because you are reading in that one.)

BRIEFLY count and record your current “speed” – you will then play the game of trying to make the next round faster, and tomorrow faster than today.

2nd segment: DOUBLE the first segment starting at the original beginning. You READ from page 10-12, so now you FORCE yourself to cover (not really read) pages 10-15

Repeat the forced recall. (Remember it’s weight lifting for 30 seconds.)

Then triple: 3 x the original (e.g., pages 10-18.) – THEN RECALL again.

That’s round 1. Repeat for an hour.

Ideally you could do one round in 5 minutes (1+30 x 3 plus 30 seconds to record all the speeds and marks the sections) but realistically if you can get 4 or 5 rounds in an hour you are probably ok.

This is hard work. Your brain will literally heat up. (Not kidding.)

It works. It might work other ways but I have never personally met anyone who successfully learned the Evelyn Woods/Kaplan or similar method without doing the recall patterns.

Them: Yeah, I took speed reading one.
Me: How did that work out for you, can you do it?
Them: No not really, it worked for a while but then it went away.
Me: Did you do the recall patterns?

Or if they say Yes:
Me: Did you write them down and do them an hour a day for 10 weeks?
Them: Well, er…uh, not really…no

I still have my work sheets for those patterns 40 years later – found them last week cleaning up my office.

I still remember many of the books I used for practice during that time – but remember: The goal was NOT to read those practice books, merely to move the weight, do the drills, FORCE our brain to figure it out.

Almost everyone, including most instructors, believes that the drills are supposed to “BE READING” – they are not.

Pick books for practice that you can say, “Gee that sound interesting but I can afford to miss the entire book if it happens.”

DO NOT use books you must read for school, work, or life unless you plan to re-read them later.

Speed reading works just fine (better usually) on technical structured books but don’t use those because it’s too much trouble (time) to count the reading rates for recording your speeds.

When counting your speed to record it for “goal” purposes you’ll initially want to count each word, then you’ll count only the average words on a line, and pretty soon you just estimate words per page and count pages. Plus or minus 10% if fine as long as you are reasonably consistent.

Today’s practice is NEXT WEEKS IMPROVEMENT.
Today’s weight lifting is NEXT WEEKS muscles.

Most people don’t get that. They start cheating or skimping on practice and it’s a week or two before their improvements stop.


i need someone else too bring practical advice. it’s not your fault its my fault i need to work on more mental clarity next year to fully understand what you guys mean. but thanks for your attempt to help both Herb M and Nagime. I need information that is not clear and not complicated. Herb M and nagime i will continue efforts to understand what you guys mean in the mean time i will try comprehend what you guys mean

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I’m not familiar with double line sweeping. Is it a technique where you try to read two lines at once?

I’m curious about whether it’s possible to read multiple lines at once. Can the brain do parallel processing with language? I sometimes try to listen to two conversations at once but haven’t been able to do it without switching between them. If I try to skim multiple lines of text at once, I also feel like I’m switching back and forth.

I have a suspicion that a key to speed reading is to read a lot. :slight_smile:


It’s possible, one way to check without cheating is if you are bilingual because then you can translate the second line into a second language while reading the first. I find this is the easiest way to ensure you are not switching.
I find what is less doable is ‘having the exactly same voice’ read the first and second line at the same time. I have tried changing the voices that read the first and second and third line at the same time and have had a lot of success but this is incredibly taxing. When you do read 2-x lines at the same time you also get better at recognising multiple voices at a time without switching. The brain in theory is capable of a lot of parallel processing, much more than it is capable of speeding up whatever it is processing, at least in theory.

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I think the brain must be able to do parallel processing, since we can do multiple things at once, like drive, talk, and tap along with music at the same time. I’m just wondering if it can be done with language.

I tried to find research on it but only found this:

Rayner [eye-tracking expert] said it doesn’t work:

The other claim is that you can take in more information per eye fixation, but there’s no evidence that says we can do that. What we know about the physiology of the retina is against the notion that you can take in two lines of text at the same time.

I wonder what he means, because I can see multiple lines of text at once but just can’t process them without switching attention. Maybe it requires practice.

I searched around for eye-tracking software and found this page, if anyone wants to experiment. :slight_smile:

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The two most common believed points to parallel processing being possible is that when you use different regions or perform mastered tasks.

Mastered tasks can include a parallel task as a result of two mastered tasks.

Hence most people believe strictly using the same regions is not a doable feat unless you are severely distributing resources. While this is a bit different than what I was describing I also don’t quite agree with this.

The simple experimental evidence for this is that when you activate regions of your brain in different ways such that some regions overlap, the overlapping region can still function fine. Hence even if some forms of visualisation and speech share common regions we can still do them effectively at the same time. This instantly changes the argument to a ‘how much of’ until it no longer is feasible, but most results describe a ‘the more the harder’ result. I have tried reading 2 lines at the same time with the same voice and this was incredibly confusing there was a lot of switching. When I changed the voice of the first line and 2nd line in my head I was able to remember that the first line said this where as the 2nd said that hence I was still able to follow the logic somewhat, since they were different things. The interesting thing I found here is that if you learned a ‘third’ line you get much better at being able to do 2 lines than if you kept practising 2 lines at once. Also that using another language is significantly easier than another voice.

I have tried this for mental calculations too, its definitely doable but it has a common pattern. For example if I were to do a simple addition sum that I did not know the answer of. If Instead of doing 1 column at a time I try to visualise the answer for both columns at the same time, I take obviously longer. However as I get better at this and become capable of 3 columns I notice that the time changes from the initial 30%:30% as fast to 60%:60% as fast which is more than the 100% of doing 1 column at a time in speed.

This seems very much like a vs speed-reading claim, I was still describing subvocalization so in theory I have proven him wrong(haha). All he really meant to say was that there isn’t any evidence that you are truly ‘seeing’ more than one thing besides scribble lines across whatever you are focusing at or alternatively that you can parse more than one such thing, since you may be parsing them in order and not truly at the same time. Yet there is evidence that the light is focused and not having multiple spots that are also processed. Well to put it in very simple words, he is saying because the eye is a convex lens :

and that this is evidence against the existence of parallelism. image
So maybe I am cheating by being nearsighted>?:

Well putting the 2 dimensional joke aside, I guess he just isn’t very supportive of speed reading as it is, so he is saying there is more evidence against than there is for. (A common speed reading technique is to read 2 lines at once by scrolling your eyes between them in some form).

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I wonder if this Python program might be useful for investigating what’s happening. I might try running it at some point to see what my eyes are doing. Sometimes when I’m skimming, my eyes feel like they’re jumping around blocks of text and grabbing blobs of phrases, but I’m not really sure exactly what they are doing.

That program should help indeed, I think there are quite a few for this.
Since I am quite sensitive I do notice when I briefly attempt ‘switching’ the position I am looking at. When reading normally I do even notice that there are very slight ‘jumps’ rather than a smooth line. So the speed reading advice to guide your eyes with a finger or pen isn’t very bad. I’m kind of interesting how different it actually is with a finger besides my perception so if you try running it at some point also try it while moving a finger or pen across the line to keep track of it.

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i keep trying guys never give up

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yeah there is no garantees i will get it. HOwever keep trying never give up. And keep re reading the post support on this thread i have been given until i get the message fully absorbed

I understand a big fraction of what you have written my clarity is much better now

how do i work with the double line sweep attempt togther with recall how do i do the exercise together.

For example read 20 mins practice of double line sweet followed by 5 mins of RECALL attempt on notpad file and then repeat 20mins of attempting the double line sweep exercise in a random book

cann someone answer me please

do i try to recall the sentence after each two sentences read and try to recall it?

I need baby steps doing the double line sweep is to complicated

that’s ok i did my first attempt just about an hour worth recall after doing a double line sweep action

Writing down what i can remember on a notepad on the computer top and bottom of those 2 lines

I noticed it’s very hard to recall what i have been skimming. Might be associated to when i was a pot head or getting the brain to learn something completely new

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You should probably start with a load you can just barely manage. If one sentence is too much for recall you can start with a half and work your way up.

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thanks nagime

is it normal to have diffculites recalling one word on top and bottem line?

I am scared i ruined my memory from pot when i was younger i don’t do it anymore

how do i overcome this chronic memory problem

is there a exercise i can do to help strengthen double line sweep retention

If you mean

some word
another word

and you can see this while staring at the center but have issues being able to recall what this is as soon as you close your eyes. Then it is a bit of a bad situation. If you do not have difficulties doing this right away then I would not worry. I have heard this kind of thing often but in all cases I have encountered, ‘pot’ hasn’t done so much harm that someone has become severely disabled when they say this.

Describing in as much detail what you are doing currently would help but I believe you should focus on first accuracy then length, while slightly stretching yourself.

For example, if all you can recall in :

using the double line sweep is:

and you
as you

then you should stick with this and try increasing it by 1 rather than going to:
right away.
You should increase the amount of words until you can just barely successfully do it and keep increasing it gradually like this while maintaining the ‘just barely’. It might also make sense to focus on a bit of overloading on specific parts, you can for example try reading this at once : image

By that I mean you can try increasing the amount of lines, the reason I am suggesting this is because I find when I go to something like 4 lines and struggle. Usually I will keep struggling with 4 lines, but if I try to increase this to say 6 lines then 4 lines feels much more normal.

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and dreaming. This intuitive sense within you is trying to
wake you up. I the navigator fuels this desire to discover the true existence

Double line sweep^^ above

I am pissed off i can only hold this in my memory for like a few seconds, i am frecking out maybe i have ruined my memory becuase pot when i use to smoke it

Where it is in bold thats what i can retrieve on average you get the general idea anyway each time i double line sweep