Hi Josh,

Congratulations for your site, which keeps getting better.

May I ask you if you intend to have Markdown support in the near future?

That would be a great addition, in my opinion.



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Yes, we’re working on that feature at the moment. The new version of the forum will use markdown rather than HTML.

Awesome! Thanks.

BTW, the “follow” feature is great and those bugs when trying to send posts are finally gone.


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What is the status of this feature? Markdown would be awesome! I hope you are considering something more than basic markdown. I can only recommend Pandoc’s markdown. This would even allow writing a post and using the same source to provide a PDF or many other formats.

Pandoc is great. The forum rebuild was postponed in order to speed up the release of the software, but markdown is still planned. I was planning to use GitHub-Flavored Markdown (possibly converted with Pandoc). Is there something in Pandoc’s features that make it preferable for doing the conversion?

Hm, I would say Pandoc’s markdown is somewhat more flexible in its syntax. If offers more ways to produce tables, has definition lists, subscript and superscript, supports math using the TeX $ (inline) and $$ (block) syntax, has line syntax (for verses e.g.), has spans (not only code spans), and supports citations.

All in all I feel, it is the most advanced markdown around but still compatible to standard markdown. And, it is being very actively developed and the author and the community are very responsive and helpful!

And since Pandoc’s markdown is well-documented and Pandoc uses it as its native syntax, this will ensure maximum compatibility when converting to other formats such as html.

Sounds interesting. I’ll look at it more closely. We do have mathjax enabled already, so you can insert math symbols by surrounding the formula with dollar signs $.

Done. :slight_smile:

Tables and mathjax work too.