Make up of random words in competition


Hi all,

Just made my first ever steps into memorising random words. I would like to enter a competition next year so gotta spend some time on it.
I was wondering what the make up of the words would be ie noun, verbs etc.
I had a bash with a list I found in the Wiki section and didn’t have a problem with it. Then I used the random word generator and had a completely different experience. I think it is because the first list of 30 was all noun and the second attempt was abstract nouns. I think. But I’m no English scholar…

Is that about right?
Any ideas about the mix of words?



Hi, this is in the *.pdf file I downloaded from WMC page…

“A list of generally known words organised in columns of 20 with 5 columns to
a page. Approximately 80% concrete nouns, 10% abstract nouns and 10%
infinitive verbs.”

Hope this helps. :wink:

EDIT: You can even download “true” competition papers HERE.


Cool. Thanks for that.
Just had a go at a past paper.
Wow, I got a long way to go! I’m quite pleased with my results considering I only tried for the first time yesterday, but I have got to double what I’m doing at the moment.
By the way Nightwalker, I think it is within your ability to achieve your Grandmaster aim. You’re a teenager right?
Well, I became mildly interested in memory training nearly 20 years ago and did precisely nothing about it until just recently! My aim is to compete for the first time in August 2013 whereas I could have had 20 years of competing under my belt.
If you’re in it for the long haul, I have no doubt you will get there.
Thanks for your help, I hope to read up a lot, then I won’t have to ask stupid questions.




I’m surprised with your interest in my memory achievements… Maybe it’s not interest, but you’re mentioning it, and it means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

By the way, yes, I think I could get GMM title. At least, at home, for sure, but at the competition, I cannot say, I have never been there. I can do 11-12 decks of cards in 30 minutes, one deck in 27 seconds (average time), and numbers, it can be about 650 in 30 Minutes Numbers, but I’m trying new journeys, so it slowed me down a lot… So this should be more, too…

I’d like to go for some competition, maybe UK Open 2013 seems good, it’s not so far…I mean, geographically… I have to have some experiences. Mess up my first attempt, and next time, come and get some good results…

I think I’ll have to work as a builder/mason with my father for all the summer, and at the end of the August, use my all money on this “trip” to England. :smiley:

I have printed my goals I want to achieve until 1st April. I started with mnemonics at the beginning of April last year. The paper is nailed to the wall so I can see it every day…

By the way, I have created a pdf with 3000 random words. Got all from WMC, and some from this page. There are no duplicates, and they are shuffled, so it’s something completely new. If anyone wants it, I can post it here.