Major System reverse problem

Using memory palace to memorize list that I am doing for last two years more or less.
But recently numbers are the thing that keep coming very frequently. It is easier to turn numbers into word and then link them to the meaning of numbers but since I have not use the numbers much, I am having problem what if I have numbers and being asked the meaning of it.

For example, 268 = states have power to tax on goods and services

Now, 268 is ‘anchovy’ fish according to major system and just relate them to ‘= states have power to tax on goods and services’.
So, if somebody shall ask me what is number related to ‘= states have power to tax on goods and services’, It is easypeasy to answer.
But if they shall ask what is the meaning associated with number 268. then I do not know how to work around that.

If somebody here can help. Appreciated.

I’d suggest creating a 2nd Memory Palace (Movie Location) where the gist of each topic is pictured at each location. Then link that to the word your created to represent the number. So in your example “states have power to tax on goods and services” I personally would create a movie scene of a superhero (to represent power) with maybe a percentage sign emblazoned on his chest (to represent tax) and have them holding an Anchovy. Using a 2nd Palace for reverse encoding is a really good way to solve the problem, it also serves as a double check. When you rerun this movie, in an instant you can go back to your original palace and ‘double check’ that this is indeed ‘268’

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That’s interesting. For some numbers it will be possible to break down the number again and associate the newly broken down number to the other.

I’ll explain.

Anchovy is 268
But so is New Chef

The new chef is preparing (an) anchovy.

You’re using anchovy as 268 because it’s 1 word, easy to associate when you see the word… but when you see number, the reverse isn’t true because you don’t have a list numbering in the hundreds (not a lot of people do).

So that idea MIGHT help with some of them.

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Thanks for your kind support.

@magicpauluk. For the first I was thinking if it is possible to use numbers for reverse encoding without using memory palace. But it seems inevitable.

@Suthnautr Yes it could be solution for some but I want one full proof method that could be use in any situation. But again I will see if I could work around it.

I’m not sure what the point of reverting back to the number is.

Me thinks the original idea of the major system is that one encodes a number on the fly as per the phonetic alphabet of that system. If, as usually suggested, one uses the first idea/picture that can be worked out for a particular number, then that is likely to be the one you work out again.

I can say from experience with playing cards (knowing which card is at which number as well as knowing the order) that having a 2nd Palace to reverse encode is really helpful at the outset. But after a while; the initial ‘number to information’ becomes so strong in your mind that you are able to reverse decode ‘information to number’.