Major system explenation needed! (Suomeksi jos osaatte)

(Pia Vindex) #1

So I was reading how to make letters for each number (0-9).

I made one image for each number and put them in my palace, but I have few questiobs about matter.

How do I use it, I can not really understand this.

My words are
0 bee for b
1 shorts for s
2 ränni for r
3 kuokka for k
4 DnD for D
5 Mämmi for m
6 nerd for N
7 wow for W
8 x for x
9 zorro for zed

So if I am trying to remember number 13 do i just recall s and k and like imagi with shorts being hit by hoe (which kuokka’s correct englidt translation is).

But I think article had more to tell about it how to use, but I just don’t understand where do I use it and how.

Please help me cleare this missunderstandibg, thank you.


Hi Pia Vindex,

I think I once knew this but forgot it actually! LOL…because of lack of persistence.

I noticed you mentioning a memory place or topos/locus…That my friend helps but IMHO just adds another layer of memorization.

I will repost once up to speed system wise.



If you are a beginner, then there is usually no need to change the letters.
My advice is to stick with:

(Pia Vindex) #4

As I have been watching videos and reading articles they say that you should use sounds of the letters not letters… I might end up changing it, thanks for the tip thought.


Understood. You can always change the code.
However; if you use the ‘x’ and ‘z’, like in your example, you might make it difficult for yourself.
Does the finnish language have enough words with those letters?
If not then don’t use them.

This link helped me out a lot when I was starting.

(Pia Vindex) #7

Now few months later I get what u said. (Sorry my answer was slow) I got through it using some words for z=zorro but this one dicit technique is too damn slow if I try to show off… Works great for remembering page numbers tho.