Major System Dictionary

Ok so I have decided to get into the major system now that I have got the DOMINIC system under my belt. Just curious to know, other than what I find in Tony Buzan’s memory book if there are any other MSD (Major System Dictionaries) available anywhere? Whilst I have completed my first hundred pegwords using the Major System quite easily, I find the idea of developing my next 900 pegwords a little more daunting and I was wondering if a dictionary for pegwords (major system) is indeed in popular print??

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I use a dictionary now just over a century old. See:


Hello Douglas. Thank you so much for your reply. That’s exactly the kind of input that I was looking for as it provides a multiple number of choices for each number 001 - 999. This dictionary is far superior to the limited lists I have seen and have at my disposal. Amazing that someone took the time to compile a book like this over 100 years ago (prior to the invention of the computer) which I am sure could also be programmed to write algorithms and self-author such a dictionary in our day and age. Again much obliged for this wonderful resource


@fred2, isn’t it amazing that the book has so many unconventional options that would not even be possible for a computer to figure out? Most software is built to search a dictionary and not form phrases. I’m compiling a Word document version of Berol’s Complete Mnemotechnical Dictionary to use for myself and will post with all my other memory documents on my github site later because it is in the public domain.

Hi Doug I think that the Berol’s Complete Mnemotechnical Dictionary was way-ahead of its time. The author (although he is dead as the book was published in 1918) has written an excellent work of reference which I feel will no doubt transend our lifetimes too? Your point made about a computer (even if programmed with the correct algorithms) not being able to compile such a comprehensive list as the Berol’s Complete Mnemotechnical Dictionary is no doubt true too, if one looks at some of the expressions and phrases quoted. Thanks again for this most valueable resource.

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