Lucid Dreaming + Memory Palace

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This is consistent with my prejudice. You may have access to emotions and memories that are masked when awake, but you are not going to find a super computer in there. Just a dream state, unmanaged thoughts. And this is why your brain paralyses your body when you are asleep, so that you don’t physically act out what you are dreaming.

Why would the brain evolve in such away that its best cognitive functioning is not available to the conscious mind? It’s when you are awake and acting that you need your best game. Cognitive ability does not come free. From an evolutionary POV the human brain is very expensive. It’s a huge liability in terms of energy expense, vulnerability and the time needed to develop it. The presence of occult cognitive powers doesn’t make any sense to me

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Yeah, also the entire purpose of sleep is for recovery so if you are trying to learn while you are sleeping surely you won’t get adequate sleep and two processes will be working against each other? I dunno this makes me want to try again though hahaha

This connected to the “Brain In A Vat” problem. How do you prove to yourself that you are not a brain in a vat?

That discussion points out that if you can’t trust your memory, the “facts” in your head, you don’t even have logic at your disposal. You may think you’ve proved something. You may remember it clearly and be confident that all the steps were disciplined but it’s all a false memory.

In waking hours, when the brain feels that something is “right”, when it makes a match with a pattern it trusts and knows, it gives a little dopamine flash of feeling good, and if it doesn’t like it it punishes you with an unpleasant feeling. When you recall that 6x7 = 42 it “feels right” and you often don’t check. If you came up with 6x7 = 48 you get a “that doesn’t feel” right emotion and you check. Mostly, that’s how you get through your day. You don’t verify everything. You can’t.
You are actually piloted by these little “feelings”. But of course, these signals can be wrong and they can be spoofed.

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Hmm, I guess the question is down to how much of the brain is used for recovery, automatic processes, etc.
I guess the thinking was to change from something that it is already doing or something that has no purpose, and aim it towards that.

Also, small note, I see a lot of people using the words “new information”, which kinda comes with the implication of learning in your sleep versus reviewing.
Which is really huge in difference.
Reviewing requires a lot less energy and it is just acknowledgement of information.
Which I assumed required way less energy to do for that specific reason.

But was worth a try, worst case scenario I learn more about sleep, lucid dreaming, and get more practice with the memory palace.
Best case scenario, I take back 1/3 of my life.

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I think it’s perfectly valid as an exploration of one’s inner self. If I weren’t so lazy, I might try it myself. The brain is relaxed. The watchdogs are asleep. It’s reasonable to expect access to some things that are normally hidden. We feel then need to keep up pretenses to ourselves too and sometimes it is liberating to strip those away. Sometimes not. It’s been over-hyped with unrealistic expectations recently, but that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time.

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