Loss of memory?

Good afternoon friends,
I have a short question about the recent finding about the memory of mine. Is there any way how to improve transforming short term memory into long term one? E.G. I have been reading like… 50 pages of information about some topic and after actually learning all stuff needed I tried to do something like a little test whether I remember something. I did remember every single piece of information, even position of the information in the text and the number of page as well… the next day I read the same text again (absolutely the same text from same book) and I had the feeling that I am reading it for the first time. I had no idea what I am reading, like it was brand new text that I’ve never seen before. I had learned it again… fully understood, learned, pages, places… I got it. The next day it happened again. I was sure I have never read it before. I know… it sounds a bit strange but I actually got to learn much much more and I cannot revise stuff every day due to lack of time. I have 11 days to learn more than 3000 pages of anatomy and I am pretty frightened up because of this. Thank you for your time.

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I advise you to use mnemonics to thebest of your abilities, but as per what you describe you better get yourself check up in hospital. It is not normal to read a book three times having three times the sentation of never reading it. I’m not going to start naming possible conditions I’m not a doctor, I won’t go to the deepest level of explanation. Maybe there are facts you’re not telling or I missundertood you, the point is. If it really as you say, that you have the sensation of never reading, it may be something with your brain, maybe memory or attention or even emotional connections (you may actually remember it, but you still feel you don’t remember).

It is true, that I am under great stress recently and I understand that I need to get this done and then I will surely will get some rest yet I am pretty sure that this isnt the reason cause under stress I can do man time more work done than without it. But after reading your comment I was thinking a bit about circumstances of this situation and I got something that may be a helping point. There are some things that I remember honestly for a long time even without revising and without paying some bigger effort to remember them. And then there is stuff that I can learn and try to memorize all day all night and there is still this feeling of never reading before. So… basically what I am trying to say is, that this “sensation” is not connected with every thing I need to remember, just with some certain ones.

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This is a normal phenomena of our memory/brain…This is happening due to ‘Ebbinghaus forgetting curve’ affect >>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgetting_curve

There are things in our life that are easy to remember,but there are things that will suffer from the ‘forgetting curve’ affect. We should use ‘mnemonic’ techniques for the things that are difficult to remember!!

Our brain is programmed in such a way that it will filter out most of the things unless we make it believe that the things we need to memorize are very important…Also,brain will usually avoid memorizing stressful things,too,like in your case! You need to trick the brain to think that it is ok to memorize the things you are asking it to do!