Looking for training partner or partners!

I am starting to train more in Memory League and would to have someone or people to train against! I don’t know what it is but just knowing someone is there makes it more difficult haha So if you would be interested, let me know!


I would also like to get more into training on a regular basis again. :slight_smile:

What time zone are you in and what times would you consider training on memory league? (I’m at GMT+2 right now and mostly train in the evenings; not sure if that matches your training times)

I’ll probably be training 2020-05-28T17:00:00Z for example.



I would love to train with you!

Okay I am in Mountain time in the USA. SO you are 8 hours ahead of me. It is almost 9 am my time and so it will be 5 pm your time. So your evenings would be my mornings for the most part. What days work best for you?

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Usually Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays or sometime on the weekend works best for me.

Would you be interested in training today, too?