Looking for images for face cards

Hello! Looking for brainstorming help.

I am looking for as many images that come up when one sees the following cards A , K, 10.

Looking for anything: objects, signs, group of objects, people, clothes…

A=can be also anything V shaped really.

10 , 1 and 0 can be glued, example: looking like the Starship enterprise…

All can be rotated, morphed a bit, as long as you can see what it is + what card it is.

It’s to add to my numbers and start memorizing cards, you cruel memorizers have corrupted me :yum:, and I thank you dearly


Hi Cameri,

I would use the:

A: Apple…Different colors for the suits obviously (The apple will be in various stages of ripeness)

K: King (Use Caricatures of Kings)

10: Laurel and Hardy OR a rail thin guy talking to a fat, circular looking guy


I started on cards a few weeks ago and for the court cards (A-J) I first did as Nelson Dellis and Ron White suggest and used a ‘who first comes to mind’ technique (the rest of the deck I used the Major System for as taught by Anthony Metivier). For example, for someone my age, there can only be one character for the Ace of Spades- Lemmy of course. And the Queen of Hearts was a nickname given to Lady Di:

I found several times that when I started using a particular character that the stars would align and a better option would spring to mind. So Juice Newton became Lady Di who then quickly became someone else (NSFW).

Here what I use at present:
AC= Clover Girl (off the 80s Clover Margarine advert)
AH= My Wife (aaaaahhhhhhh)
AD= The Pink Panther

KC= Elvis
KH= King (pop singer, 80’s anthem ‘Love & Pride’)
KS= Martin Luther King (‘spade’ was a derogatory term in my youth).
KD= Odin (Cos the KD has only 1 eye and a magical weapon)

QC= Dill (‘Crying Game’)
QS= Death (Gaiman’s Goth Chick)
QD= Shirley Bassey (‘Diamonds are forever’)

JC= John Constantine
JH= Richard Gere (‘baked some tarts’ ie Pretty Woman)
JS= Capt. Jack Harkness
JD= The Harlequin (Marillon album cover character).


thanks a lot for the ideas! Looking for as many as possible because Im building a 4 cards system and am using whatever comes to mind for whatever set of 4 has two or more of any kind.

Hadn’t thought of many of these. These are giving me more ideas definitely.

You’re Laurel and Hardy idea is great @Stefos exactly what Im looking for .

Lady Di is perfect for me too and I wont ask haha @GibtsDochGarNicht Lemmy Ace of Spade ! Roarrrr it’s nice to have a face on the song, Elvis Martin Luther King oh good ones !you’re Captain Jack reminded me of Jack Sparrow that’s perfect.

I was working on my 10s . heres what I got : the construction crane holding a big boulder, those shopping bags on wheels, a belt knuckle, a bumblebee,
everything anything that’s round and Flat seen on the side you have a 1 and scene from front you’ve got a zero: so a pizza a cracker…

a quarter of a watermelon, Bumblebee. turn counter-clockwise we’ve got a business sign.

Anything D shaped, got the Line and half the 0 its perfect.

Still need more though. I know, Im :crazy_face:

Thanks a ton for sharing, its a lot of help!

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you’re Captain Jack reminded me of Jack Sparrow that’s perfect.

I’m glad it helped.
I admit that I found that coming up with images/characters for the rest of the deck-roughly following the Major- was more difficult than actually being able to memorize the entire deck!
10C= Cesear (Asterix)
10H= March Hare (HaSe in German)
10S= Steven Seagal
10D= Irma La Douche

9C= CP30
9H= HB Männchen (cigarette advert cartoon figure)
9S= Spider Jerusalem
9D= Blondie (80s rock star)

8C= Colin Farrell (‘In Bruges’)
8H= The Hof (David Hasselhof)
8S= Sam Fox (topless 80s pinup and pop star)
8D= Dawn French (Brit comedienne)

7C= Charley NSFW
7H= Boss Hog (‘Dukes of Hazard’ y’all!)
7S= Sarah Connor (Terminator)
7D= Dog (Bounty Hunter)

6C= Charlie Chaplin
6H= Hattie Jacques (‘Carry on’ films)
6S= Schimi (‘Schimanski’ off the German Crime show ‘Tatort’)
6D= Don Johnson (‘Miami Vice’ 80’s US Crime Drama)

5C= Chris Lambert (‘Highlander’/‘Nirvana’)
5H= H.P.Lovecraft (with Cthulhu’s tentacles coming out of his face)
5S= Slaine (80s comic book hero, 2000 AD)
5D= Dolph Lundgren (as the ‘Preacher’ in ‘Johnny Mnemonic’)

4C= Cynthia Rothrock (80s Kungfu film star)
4H= Heinz Rühmann (B&W German film star)
4S= Stefan Raab (German TV star and singer of silly songs)
4D= Daniel Russo (‘Karate Kid’)

3C= Cookie Monster (Sesame St.)
3H= Howling Mad Murdock (‘A-Team’)
3S= Sam Merlotte (‘True Blood’)
3D= Danger Mouse (the original 80’s one not the recent abomination)

2C= K9 (robot dog off 80s ‘Dr.Who’)
2H= Horatio Nelson
2S= Sandy (‘Grease’ an 80’s film)
2D= Desperate Dan (Comic book figure since forever I think).

Originally I started by having two card-characters ‘interacting’ on a loci ie The March Hare tipping tea over Dill- for a family friendly example. But while I was building up to memorizing 52 cards using that system it self-evolved into a Person-Object system where each character had his or her or its ‘instinctive’ object .For example Elvis’ object is a giant blue suede shoe and Dolph’s is a crucifix knife. So now the first card of the pair on the loci just takes the object of the second… sooo Elvis stabbing himself in the chest with a crucifix knife would be the KC/5D. And it gets worse. Now it is self evolving into a PAO!

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Self-evolving! That’s awesome to hear. I appreciate you putting up some more, Im getting more ideas to try. I am focusing on objects resembling the cards themselves without suits, but this is helping me diversify my attempts nonetheless, to my great and satisfying surprise.


Something I have noticed in the short time i have been doing mnemonics is : You never know what the ‘trigger’ will be. In other words, a kooky suggestion from someone else’s character list (even from a differing system such as in our case) can trigger your own creativity/memory associations (ie Capt Jack Harkness made you think of Jack Sparrow).
You would not believe the number of times this last month I have slapped my forehead and gone “How the *insert F-word * did I forget about him/her!!!” because something someone said somewhere…

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PS. There is always the ‘Knicknack paddywhack’ method if you’re struggling with finding shapes and aren’t worried about the suits: 2=shoe, 3=tree, 4=door, 5=hive etc etc etc

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A 4 card system… as in 52x51x50x49 (approx. 6.5 million) distinct images to learn???

Yes! No :frowning_face: . I’m not that crazy, unfortunately.

Of course I’ve got my shortcuts. And I’m just playing around. Like separating suits. that alone split up 256 combinations(finished that this week actual ly, easier than Id imagined it) for the suits and a bit over 10,000 with cards, using techniques like a simple mirror technique meaning 1 2 2 3 is the same as 3221 (I just flip it in my palace), these coming naturally to me… And with many many mini shortcuts to make my +10000 cards instantaneous to me. I’m almost there actually. Will share here when I’m done. PS I already had a pretty big number system so I’m focusing on adding the face cards now.

Okay, so 4^4 = 256 for the suits of the 4 cards as one image and then an image for the 13^4 = 28,561 when the face cards are included and not just 10^4 = 10,000 anymore. But isn’t that just 2 images for 4 cards which is pretty much the same as one image per 2 cards?

I don’t use images for the suits.Every suit combination of 4 has its own physical space.

There is more to it than that but I’m still not done playing around. So it most probably will change considerably in the next weeks, but you get the idea

Trying to, but having a hard time to be honest…