Looking for a randomised flashcard app for Android

I’m studying music and I want to make flashcards to learn theory. They would show intervals, key signatures, chords, or they would ask what notes are in a given scale, or show a score and ask a specific question about it. So mostly images, and sometimes text, on the front, and the back would have the answer.

I want the app to show me the cards randomly, and when I flip the card to the back I should be able to say whether I got it easily, got it with some struggle, or got it wrong. (i.e., three buttons).

I want the app to weight the PROBABILITY of seeing the card again based on how I scored it, so harder ones are seen more frequently.

I can’t find a well-reviewed Android app that works that way. One popular one, AnkiDroid shows you the “easy ones” again after 4 days, the “hard ones” after 1 minute and the others after 10 minutes. There seems to be no way to change those values. Since I use my physical cards once or twice a day those don’t work for me. I want random cards with the weighting adjusted according to difficulty. Is there such an app?

Thanks in advance.

Ankidroid will be fine, but you have to change the settings of your decks.

After “getting them”
maybe after watching this vid :smiley:

Thanks, but I’m using 2.14.3, which I just downloaded from Google play last night, and I don’t see any of the options you show either on my device or in the Online 2.14 manual (for some bizarre reason this forum won’t let me include links in my post).

Where are these settings?

PS - I watched the video and their algorithm is WAY too geeky to understand without a degree in computer science or math! All I want is a flashcard app that shows me the ones I got right less frequently and the ones I got wrong more frequently. But not by DAYS, just percentages.
I don’t understand why they fetishize units of time like minutes or days. That would only make sense if you’re using the deck on a very rigid schedule. Most people use flashcard apps when they can grab a few minutes of time like when they’re riding the subway, waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting on hold on the phone, etc. That’s the whole point of having them on your phone. Some days I have lots of time to practice, other days not so much. I don’t want days, hours and minutes, just percentages or probabilities. Are their any flashcard apps that do that?

I think it’s probably because of Ebbinghaus’ studies on the forgetting curve and spaced repetition.

His premise was that each repetition in learning increases the optimum interval before the next repetition is needed (for near-perfect retention, initial repetitions may need to be made within days, but later they can be made after years). He discovered that information is easier to recall when it’s built upon things you already know, and the forgetting curve was flattened by every repetition. It appeared that by applying frequent training in learning, the information was solidified by repeated recalling.

Later research also suggested that, other than the two factors Ebbinghaus proposed, higher original learning would also produce slower forgetting. The more information was originally learned, the slower the forgetting rate would be.

In the web version you can’t do much.

In the desktop version you have the settings to the right of every deck
like this (I have those decks name sample1, sample2 created to take these caps)

In the mobile version there’s nothing there though

but entering the deck… you have the settings in the 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner

You can change them there or download the desktop version, do it there and it will synchronize.

About how complicated it is, I guess so, I didn’t go there yet.

So far this thread has gone off into the Ankidroid weeds. Are there other flashcard apps that work on a slightly different principle? I want to see the cards that had trouble with more frequently than the ones that I got easily. And I want to see the ones that I got right less frequently.

But I don’t want to take it to the extremes that Ankidroid does, where I don’t see the easy ones for days or weeks, and where I need a degree from MIT to tweak the algorithm.

Thanks in advance for further information.

Flashcard deluxe is a great flashcard app with import from google drive feature and space repetition and randomised card. Check it out.