Looking for a paid mnemonics tutor

I’m looking for a paid mnemonics tutor (google searching “mnemonics tutor” lead nowhere so I’m posting here). Something like Skype for 30 mins a day to teach me mnemonics. I’m interested in memorizing decks of cards and long numbers. I’m not sure how much people charge for something like that but for comparison, I pay my daily language tutors from Italki an average of $15/hour.

I saw that self promotion is against the rules, but since I’m trying to buy something and not shill my own course, hopefully the mods will be fine with this.

My email is [email protected]


Hey Adam I will teach you mnemonics for free.


Hey, I appreciate the offer, very generous! I’m not looking for a free teacher right now because I need someone who can dedicate a considerable amount of time (30 mins daily) to teaching me.

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errm. No one can teach you mnemonics. Hopefully, there’s only one in your head. If not seek medical atention.

Puns appart, start with the ebook and later with the recomended books. Practice and practice, the more the better. Imagination is only yours and the associations that works with someone may not work with other.

Dedicate this 1/2 hour to reading and practicing will get you further.


Google magneticmemory

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Anthony Metivier /Magnetic Memory has helped me personally a great deal. My elderly brain, ravaged by 3 decades of alcoholism and opiate addiction seems to present him little challenge. So if you’re looking for a teacher then he’s worth looking into. Download his free course and see if he and his methods appeal to you. He does offer various forms of paid tuition /paid courses however he also gives away so much information for free as video, podcasts and Live Q&A that , personally, i have not yet felt the need to spend actual real money with him.
Also he is a mnemonist who has actually used the Method of Loci to obtain not only degrees but a PHD too so if you’re looking for something tailor made for studying he does know what he is talking about, despite his not being however-many-times a memory champion.

Sorry , only just spotted that sentence in your post. In that case you really don’t need a teacher-there are countless videos online which show you how to memorize cards etc- it being a law , i think , that every single memory champion ever has a youtube channel. The only tricky part is coming up with the encoding or mental images and no one, as jomem says, can really teach you that…
And now i notice that your original post was almost a year ago so its , no doubt, all moot anyways.