Looking for a coach!

Hi all,

I am looking for a memory coach to help with a magic trick.

I need to memorize the top 13 cards of a shuffled deck as quickly and reliably as possible for a magic trick. I won’t need more than 13 cards, but they could be any of the 52 cards in a deck.

I do have a bit of experience with memorizing cards. I have used both PAO and a 52-place memory palace before (my fastest time for a full deck was only around 5 minutes).

For the 13 card task I actually practised for a few weeks. I gave each of the 52 cards an object and used 13 memory pegs (since I only ever need the top 13 cards). I decided to not to use PAO since I figured that for 13x52 possible combinations (around 600) I would eventually be able to learn all of them and therefore they would become automatic. For PAO I would always need to use some concentration and a bit of imagination, and that could be a problem under the pressure of magic performance.

However, after several weeks of practice things weren’t getting as fast as I would have liked them. Even after about an hour of practice a day I was only down to about 40 seconds on average. I want it to be more like 15 seconds.

Is this something any of you can help me with? I would want:

  1. Detailed advice on the best system to go with
  2. Practice tips
  3. Occasional follow-up sessions.

I’m looking to pay somewhere around 30-40 dollars per (hour) lesson.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Ben,

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Hi @mcnallymemory, can you help me too. I’m preparing for one of the toughest exam in my country and having a load of trouble keeping track of everything.

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Hey no problemo, send me an email here [email protected]

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