Look like Nelson dellis is convinced by Nepali guy

Hey, I didn’t claim the stories to be 100% accurate but to negate the possibility that such abilities exist would be ignorant and arrogant. And what science are you talking about? We don’t even know how the pyramids were made for God’s sake. We haven’t even explored our oceans and you condescendingly talk about a drone on mars. Let me remind you that science is only one way of making sense of the world but it is not the only one. Have you seen North Korea? No, right? But you do know how it exists because of data recorded in forms of articles, videos, images etc. Stories are also a medium of data collection. The technique you are studying on this website came from the Vedic tradition of India. Vedas were passed on from one Guru to his students through stories (visuals) and each word needed to be pronounced in a very specific way. This was were the memory techniques were developed. Even NASA has a program were they study with psychics.

Stephen Wiltshire drew an entire City using his memory after a 20 min helicopter ride. We labelled him as autistic when the label should have been GENIUS. There are people who remember each second of their entire lives, a condition known as Hyperthymesia. Now you are telling me that there isn’t a possibility that Swami Vivekananda’s brain capacity can be somewhere in between such feats? We may know so much about the human brain but we know nothing of the human mind. Stop viewing the world with your limited perceptions. I’m not saying that every story is true but to negate the possibility because I do not understand what is happening is just arrogance and nothing else. Humans think we are the center of the universe when in fact this is what our greatest fear is; to one day wake up and realize that we were never the center. Have a look at this talk and maybe you break your perceptual barriers.


Very great thoughts,

I think , we have to trust ourself, that we can do anything and nothing is impossible. And practice daily. (to bring that thing in our life that we can’t able to do before)

We lose because we didn’t trust ourself, that’s the thing everyone have to develop in his life. (Try to be confident)

Well, everyone have to practice regularly too, only confidence doesn’t gonna help you achieve your success.

@braham_89 but sorry braham, I don’t believe bijay sahi either,
It’s ridiculous.

1 page takes 20 min to memorize and whole book takes too 20 min (Is we all people are joke for bijay :sweat_smile:)


I know about people like stephen wiltshire, kim peek, chinese rainman etc.

Because I am an autistic savant too, I could do 3x3 and 4x4 multiplications in my head when I was a kid without techniques, I was a prodigy and I still can do all that. This year I calculated a 3 digit number to the power of 9.

What I don’t like is frauds like Bijay and Swami Vivekanand being compared to savants or other actually PROVEN exceptional people. They mock us.

Not only that, people like Bijay put the memory community in bad light.

The memory community is not only about memorizing, it is also about truth. The truth we share when we display our feats in competitions, matches, videos etc. The truth that makes us understand our brains better, that makes people improve memory techniques or mental math techniques.

People like Bijay and Swami spit that in the face, yet he wants to be recognized by the memory community? I don’t think so.


Hey, you don’t have to be sorry for what you believe in. I neither affirm nor deny his claim because I do not completely understand what is happening here. But I’m just saying it’s a possibility for the human mind to have such potential. Like kids are said to have eidetic memory maybe adults can have photographic memory too. Like we have all been in an examination hall where we know the answer is from what page number, we can just see that page in our minds and even the position of the paragraph on the page that contains the answers.
It can be a possibility. Whether Bijay has photographic memory or not, is not my concern. My only concern is the exploration of the human mind. <3


Woah that’s incredible. But I wouldn’t call anyone a savant. I would just prefer the word Genius. We put labels on things we do not understand completely and labels are limited in and by themselves. And these are just stories about Swami Vivekananda that propagated through times. And stories always have exaggeration as an essential element.

And I agree that Bijay’s desperation to be recognized by the memory community seems a bit too much. But my only point is that if people like Stephen Wiltshire can recall a city’s detailed outline in their mind, maybe they can also see a page of a book in the same way. Thats all I’m saying.
Whether Swami Vivekananda did it or bijay can do it or not, Im least bothered about such things.

I’m a psychologist in training and I really want to work with people who have Schizophrenia. I always wonder if they can hallucinate things, can they hallucinate a page of a book or some other information. I never had a chance to talk to someone who has such condition but hopefully someday in the future.
And don’t get me wrong. I’m all about truth too, but many times truth is subjective rather than objective and we hardly have enough information to judge which truth is what. Also there are so many question I wanna ask you about your abilities. Its amazing to live among such people to be honest. I’m glad we have people like you on this website <3


Someone made a post of memory matches they’d like to see… how about Bijay vs Andrea, can Andrea defeat divine power???


Don, are you joking suddenly in the end, :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:

First thing there is no divine power in bijay (whatever you call like, Kali ma (goddess) power)

Andrea is smart (He will not waste his time on bijay)


he have mention there he cannot memorize cards (divine power didn’t work like that )

BTW i dont believe him either



Published cards , images , words or Numbers in books and then give to bijay

Then , Is his divine power will work after looking a book ?

Note => so we got a new information,
Divine power has some boundary.

If information come in the form of flashcards , it will not work (we have to publish that information in books for working)


haha that’s a great idea

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Yes, it was a joke lol

Yeah i hate when I am memorizing good then get to cards and my divine power just runs out :frowning:

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That charlatan does not deserve the platform he Was given. The whole thing was so hard to watch🚶


I wasn’t able to read this article (seen here), but it sounds like those studies weren’t done well:

Targ and Puthoff “imagined they could do research in parapsychology but instead dealt with ‘psychics’ who were cleverer than they were”

There’s a page on Wikipedia that has a little bit of information about what went wrong:

“…when the cues were eliminated the results fell to a chance level.”

I’d recommend watching this video. It goes into some of the techniques that charlatans use, and mistakes that researchers make.

(Also mentioned here.)

Original text: “he felt the mountain shift underneath him”
Bijay’s page: “his field the mountained chef under need him”

Original text: “Around midday, the wind picked up and it began to snow”
Bijay’s page: “arround metly the wain pift of and begain two no”

It kind of looks what you might get if one non-native English speaker read the page aloud and another non-native English speaker wrote it down from a recording they had made.


Interestingly, when Bijay mispronounced a word, the same mistake was made in the written version. Hmm…

Original word: “midday”
Bijay’s pronunciation: “midly”
Written: “metly”

Original word: “apparently”
Bijay’s pronunciation: “ability”
Written: “ability”

Original word: “sherpas”
Bijay’s pronunciation: “shape”
Written: “shape”

Original word: “message”
Bijay’s pronunciation: “manage”
Written: “mangenge”

Original word: “Ironmonger”
Bijay’s pronunciation: “Inamonger”
Written: “in a mogl”

Original word: “According”
Bijay’s pronunciation: “appending”
Written: “apending”



And I quote “BJ is full of crap”


This is undeniable bijay frauddddd and sacmmmmer

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Lol, :joy::sweat_smile:
Again this guy (Bijay Sahi) came for wasting our time.

With incredible Divine Power.


One question that I have after watching these videos is: did Nelson really believe this guy at first or was it just clever marketing.
He interviewed and tested Bijay Shahi. And what would everyone have expected as an outcome? “Bijay Shahi is a scammer”. But Nelson seemed to believe him. A memory champion believes this guy? Wow. A kind of sensation and a video more likely clicked by way more people than “this was all a scam”. People had wild discussions in the comment section. Comments are great for a video’s ranking. And a few days later “Oh, this was actually a scam and here is the proof”. People that watched the first video will click it because they are interested in knowing what changed Nelson’s mind. A lot of clicks and a really strong placement of the advertisement he put on front.
That’s just my suspicion, I think if it was like this, Nelson played ithe whole thing pretty well.