Longest calculation in row ever-method

Hello everyone…
I would like to know if it is possible to create (or if it already exists) a system that allows us calculate with many digits as possible memorize with loci(like 1000 digits on a row) by transforming each number into a letter and / or syllable and then transform it again into an image and the interactions between each image of every word would do the math. Anyone could help me figure it out if that possible?

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This is impossible. It takes too much time to covert simple additions to images.

Try the extra mod of memoriad called ‘Mental addition’

The world record for adding all those 100 numbers in ‘Mental addition’, is somewhere between 10 and 13 seconds, and I am sure that the WR holder is not using such an image conversion.

By the way, adding 100 random decimal numbers ( from 0 to 9), give obviously an average expected result sum of 450. (since 0+1+…+8+9 = 45).

For 1000 random decimal numbers, their average sum, is 4500 according to the Law of Large numbers, etc


Which method do they use to add it in 10-13 seconds?