Long time member - reintroduction

I have been here for quite some years, though I have been away from the forum for quite some time. I have decided to get back now, and while I wont be here daily, I hope I get to help people when I am able to post here :slight_smile:

I am 28 a years old baby factory that has pooped out 4 miniature humans. I work as a supervisor and my love for understanding the human mind is only matched by my love for pets.

When it comes to memory, I mainly practice long term memories. I am currently at over a 1.000 memory palaces and peg lists. Most filled with information on scientific topics and historical events. There has been a question that I have wanted to answer for a long time, “what do I know?” And this is my way to approach an answer.

You will mainly find me on topics discussing techniques, as creating and using those is one of my favorite things to do in memory. Everyone is also free to send me private messages for those questions.

I am not a memory champion, but I have been able get myself into the academic circles of my country. I am a guest speaker at some universities and I occasionally get an e-mail from students who want my help with some research they are doing that has to do with memory. Which I think is way more fun than competitions.

As for the forum, the bot let me know that I am a licenced user.


Welcome back Mayarra.

Wow, 4 kids. I knew you had at least one, but I didn’t know you’ve had 4. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll do well since their mom is a mnemonist.


1 000 palaces?! I’m really suprised! How big are them? Do you use miniatuare palaces like your hand or all they all real locations, and how do you keep track of them?

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haha yeah, I have been a bit more productive the past few years haha

It really depends on how you look at it. Individual palaces are in the 50-150 loci range usually, but there are a few which I can combine to create larger palaces. I believe one of the largest possible lets me have around 1500 loci, but I have never needed that many. My largest single palace is around 250 loci, and my largest single peg list is around 185 (the full extended first generation of pokemon)

I have never been good at using miniature palaces the size of my hand, my smallest palace is a Lego display cabinet in my house, which is around 50 loci. Most are also not “real” locations as in a real life place. I took a lot from games, and tv series or movies.

I have an excel list that lists all of them. Mentally, I have a few “city” palaces where various memory palaces are placed.


4 Small kids! That’s a lot of work. It’s generous that you find time for the forum too!

It sometimes is, but my oldest being 8 years now does make it a bit easier, she often helps around the house.

I dont have as much time as I would like, but luckily the forum has more people who can answer questions

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Even your small contribution has helped a lot of people Mayarra. It’s very interesting to see how the art of memory binds us all from all over the world, Each person has a different story and is facing a different situation in his/her life.

Hope you will help the community flourish as you always did, it will always be appreciated.

By the way, raising 4 kids!! Hats off . :blush::blush:


I scanned over that on first pass. That question is my core interest too. What do I know? What is it to know? What knowledge is possible?

This is a very good one. I would ask “Is knowledge possible?”