LoL PAO idea, and a question for faster recalling

While I want to give something back, more of an idea to those who are playing mobas like league or dota, I would also like some small advice on how to perform it better.

For LoL players (or other mobas maybe) For those of you who played league, we know that there are over 100 characters(Person), what each of them do(Action) and what every one has(Object). We also know that the map is split in two, one side for each team. Since there are 5 different roles that each of them has their place, so we know where each role should sit on the map.
What I’ve done was to put 0-19 Top lane champions throught the top lane of the map, 0-9 is on the blue team, and 10-19 is on the red team. Junglers go 20-39 throught the top jungle and so on. Since supports and adc sit together, just put one of them in the bot jungle. For a more practical example we can imagine Riven, duplicating herself (shaco, now this might not be very practical since leblanc and shaco can both duplicate, make sure which action you choose to not have big similarities with other champs. Since i have no shaco in my palace, i don’t really care) after, she is grabing a blue bow (ashe). However I have my doubts with action being first than object.

Now, my question is that i find it quite hard to remember exactly which second number is which for some, the problem is that i have to come up with different interactions for the numbers themselves. for exemple: say i got Jinx near the river in bot lane, which i know she is 67, (6x for being in the jungle in the blue side of the map) so i have to imagine her with a boomerang of some sorts to know she has a 7. I can do this without the second number, simply by counting in my mind throught the bottom jungle map, but it takes too much time. And putting a boomerang for every x7 might make them to easy to forget i think. How can i approach this? Is easy to find shaped like objects for 0 and 1 for exemple, but for others like 2 or 6 is very hard to do so. In theory the best would be to come up with a different object for each one of them, all looking different and to assamble the numbers 0-9, but it is quite hard to do so.

Hope i gave some of the moba players out there a good idea for a pao system, and sorry for my bad english.

Nice. I am currently use 13 Dota2 heroes for my card PAO. I would like to expand it more.