Loci and Major system - always the same palace is confusing

Hi there,

My question is simple: do you guys use Loci (or place) in addition with Major system or Major Sytem only?

My problem is that using Loci (my house) for all numbers I try to memorize leads me to get lost again because my palace is always the same, so stories are all the same: I see something on my door, then in my stairs, then in my hallway, etc.

Without Loci, I can change the location and all stories become different, so they actually are easier to remember as I sometimes go to spaces or sometimes in my high school.

As a conclusion, I can’t decide whether Loci is helping or actually confusing me, by helping putting ideas in concrete places but also makeing all my stories the same.

Any thoughts on that?

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Locus just means “background” or “place”. It can be many places. So when using the method of loci, you can (and should) have many other places apart from your home.

For this reason, people usually have many memory palaces. Alex Mullen apparently has 80.

In addition before memory competitions, people stop training for a few days to let images clear from their memory palaces.

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For example, having loci numbered with something like (or exactly like) a 00-99 PAO gives you an image per station that can serve as a trigger for remembering the next association.

If you’re memorizing ten words, for example, and you always have the sun on Station 2, then you can interact whatever your association is with the sun, giving you the journey plus a feature to help trigger recall.

And it can help you know the number of every station - something that is very helpful when you use memdecks in card magic routines.

A lot of people use many memory palaces. I am developing others but I still use the same memory palace each match. I am trying to counter this through image practice and non memory sports activities going in my non game memory palace.