Locations for Language Learning

Hi guys. I read online somebody was using locations for each letter of vocabulary for a language they were learning. Just to clarify, for example: the word apple in Spanish is manzana, so grouping all words that start with the letter “m” such as manzana in a specific location, then having all words starting with letters starting with let’s say, “n” in another location, to easily access them. Do you think this is a good idea?

I don’t think that this is using the loci system to good advantage. This is because each location would have very long chains of links and seems to defeat the purpose of having loci to start with (which is normally used with quite short chains of two to four items) . Also, as the link length increases, you have a greater probability of forgetting items. However, I think this weakness of the link system may be ameliorated by reviewing long chains backwards as many times as they are reviewed forward.