List your hobbies here!

List as few or as many of your talents/interests/hobbies as you would like!

I’ll start: I’m in to Memory Training (as evidenced by my being here in this forum); another hobby of mine is magic, in particular card handling; I’m also very interested in mental math along with; Rubik’s Cubing.

  1. Art - making my manga characters, painting, drawing caricatures
  2. Memory Training
  3. Brain Games (especially spot the difference)
  4. Reading books (self-development), light novels, and manga
  5. Cycling
  6. Still discovering more things to do and I’m hoping for recommendations!

Those all sound like great hobbies! I also like spot the difference puzzles and stuff like that, optical illusions are some of my favorite. Have you tried any kind of mental calculation (either competitively or just for use in your everyday life)?

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Mental calculation games? I haven’t actually. I didn’t know that they existed til I chanced upon this forum. I actually did a little Kumon in my youth and that’s about it.

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Well actually rather than games it’s more like just learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with accuracy and speed entirely in your mind without pencil and paper. If you’re interested in learning more about it, I strongly recommend “Secrets of Mental Math” by Arthur Benjamin. It’s a fantastic book, and it has all the info necessary to get incredible at calculating mentally!


I have a set of abilities in which I train. I use Anki to determine the frequency I practice them.

In FlyOrDie website:
8 Ball Pool

In the Web:
Dual N Back
CWM Training
Mahjong Dimensions

In real life:
Using a laser to train the aim at objects.

Telegram games from @gamee bot:
Groovy Sky
Jump Tuber
Crazy Cat
Hausschwein Run
Beach Racer
Gravity Ninja 2
Disco Ball

Things would be my hobby if I didn’t live in a spoiled country that has gun restrictions:

  • Shooting

Things I do frequently:

Language Learning
Making my daily workout sections at


Wow that’s all awesome stuff!

Discovered new stuff:


Sounds interesting! Thanks for the recommendation, @Memorizer16!

Woah, I love these exercises! They’re unique!

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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Wow thanks for those, they’re really cool!

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Before I get into the nerd stuff, I’ll say that my wife keeps me active. We go on nature walks together and they’re always fantastic (except for the mosquitoes). She has also rekindled my interest in astronomy.

On the memory training front, I’m still having a hard time getting memory palaces to work. For now, I do better memorizing some funny short story that acts as a punch list or encodes facts. It’s not nearly as good as a memory palace but it’s not nothing either.

I’m quite the nerd so most of my hobbies feel like homework to other people. But, here goes…

I study the Esperanto language. The Art of Memory forum has an entire section on it. I like it because it basically follows all of its own rules. The spelling an pronunciation are very constant. All of this makes life easier on my mildly dyslexic brain.

I’m very into programming. I study or have studied:

  • 6502 assembly because it’s an 8-bit CPU I’m fond of. Learning things at the machine code level and barely abstracting it all with mnemonics and macros will teach you how computers actually work. You will be a better programmer for it without fail.
  • Perl is the language for quick and dirty scripts to get stuff done. It can scale to very large projects too. Modern Perl feels a lot like Ruby and is far more evolved than its 90’s era self.
  • Raku a very beautiful language with an amazing object model for OOP programming. It has a grammar engine, which I think is its “killer feature” that does two things: First, it makes regular expressions much more readable. Second, it basically makes Raku the language for writing compilers for other languages. You’d be surprised how often “I need to transpile X into Y” comes up as a programming task.
  • I learned Python as well, but I don’t like it. It feels like I’m coding with training wheels on. I think the language is way over hyped. It works well if you’re connecting one API to another. It falls down if you’re doing low level system tasks.

Next on my to-learn pile are:

  • Forth because it’s the next level of abstraction up from assembly language.
  • Rust because it looks like it really is a “better C.”
  • Haskell because the whole idea of functional programming is very appealing to me.

Other than that, I’m a rare book collector. I love old books. It seems like books from the 19th century and previous were much better thought out, usually better written, and better typeset. They very often feel like works of art in your hand.

Counter intuitively to all of that, I also enjoy reading pulp fiction magazines from the 1900’s to the 1950’s. The plots may be laughable at times, but boy is the content entertaining. You can learn a lot about writing entertaining fiction by reading old pulps.


I’ve tinkered with Rust and Haskell and they are very interesting, especially Haskell. There’s a free book on it over here. Also a good one for Rust.

My hobbies in quarantine:

  • Programming
  • Music (guitar)
  • Reading

My hobbies:

  • Watching movies, tv shows and gameplay

  • Test my memory with mental math or by memorizing something

  • Writing my story about an autistic savant with superpowers.

I enjoy writing stories, especially the world building part. Having a complete and functioning world in my mind is really satisfying.


That book sounds interesting… I am fascinated by savants. (I am on the spectrum at least to some degree which adds to my interest)

I love this thread! My first hobby would be productivity, I love being productive and just battling out assignments and work throughout the day. I think that the feeling of crossing out a “to-do” is an amazing feeling that makes me tingle and just sends out productive vibes. My second hobby would be memorizing, I think that memorizing gives me a challenge and requires a lot of stimulation in order to memorize something and I enjoy stimulating my brain and it calms me down and I’m almost in this trance trying to memorize something. Also, the idea that my neurons are forming connections during the memorization process is always a cool thing to consider and think about and it’s just a lot of fun especially when you finally get it down and actually memorize what you’re supposed to. Another hobby of mine would be reading. I honestly love to read on a lot of different subjects (productivity, memorization, life), and It’s always a joy to read on. I believe that knowledge can give power to its owners and I’m always excited to learn something new and implement it. Great thread!


Wow thanks so so much for that really interesting post! I am kind of similar regarding productivity; I also enjoy getting things done sometimes, but it sounds like for you it’s even more fun!

Also yeah, I never knew that memorizing could be so much fun! Because without mnemonics, well, it’s pretty boring.

Active writer, though havent published anything as I have no desire to. I mainly just get ideas for stories and want to get them on paper.

I love gaming, as you might have noticed from my many game related memory palaces.

Now that the weather is getting better, I go out for a walk or a run more often.

I like DnD style games, mainly creating things as a dungeon master, using math in various ways to create challenges.


Speedcubing is super cool. I like cubing as well, and my favourite event is 5x5 blindfolded.

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