List of general knowledge questions/facts

I’d like to learn some general knowledge facts using anki, but I can’t seem to find any list that is large enough(at least a few thousand facts). There is a course on memrise called misc knowledge, which would work perfectly for me, but I think you can’t export it outside the website.
Does anybody of you have a list of facts (pdf,word or something else) which would be easily exported to anki?

There’s an app (Apple) for memrise. Have you tried that? I’m a member of Anki, iAnki, and Memrise.

I started using memrise to learn general knowledge facts. I think that the “misc knowledge” course is well done.
It could be added to the challenges. If anyone wants to join me, you can add me as a mempal on memrise, my name there is Red314
This is the description of the course: “Miscellaneous knowledge, including: Vitamins and deficiencies, constitutional amendments, geological calendar, US presidents, world capitals and currencies, and more.”

I think you can download some android apps to get gk questions. Here are some of the interesting GK apps that will help you alot.