Link Method flaw

I have to memorise bacteria causing different infections
1.Community Acquired Pneumonia : by Strep pneumoniae, hemophilius influenza, mycoplasma pneumonia

2.Infection in immunocompromised; : hemophilius influenza ,strep pneumonia, pneumocystis jiroveci

My question is if i try to memorise the two above with link method wont the images get superimposed
After reaching hemophilius influenza in the first list i might accidentally jump onto the second list…
Tldr: Similar objects in different chains, wont they cause problem in recall and confusion betwwen the 2 chains
Pls let me know if theres a solution

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I wouldn’t call it a “flaw,” since the Link method isn’t ideally suited for every situation. There are other techniques that might be more effective for the material you’re needing to remember.

But to answer your question: I don’t know how you’re memorizing these items, what images/associations you’re using, but I could see the bacteria in the first example greeting the next item with a “Hi, My!” So “Hi” condenses “hemophilus influenza” and “My” condenses “mycoplasma pneumonia.” (Or maybe he’s greeting a Military Policeman with a “Hi, MP!”) I don’t know if that would be enough to trigger the whole words for you, though. If that works/helps, then choose a different image to trigger “hemophilus…” in the next example. Maybe a character is being “hemmed in,” or is wearing a skirt that has a bizarre “hem in” it.

There’s no reason why you can’t use different images across different instances to represent the same thing, so long as you always know what those images represent. I wouldn’t go crazy with this; it might get confusing if you have eight different images that all represent the same thing.


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