Lighter version of the PAO system

I want to create a lighter version of the PAO technique with only 10 people, action and object. My goal is to reach a speed of 100 numbers per minute or more. Is this possible with this method?
Can I be confused when it comes to remembering?

You keep that up for 5 minutes, you’ll be in the running for the speed numbers world record. What’s you current system an how fast are you with that? Also close to the world record?

Just do the math… you place 3 digits per location with this method. In turn you’ll need upwards of 33 locations to make it past 100 per minute. That means less than 2 seconds per location to:

  • decode a digit for P
  • decode a digit for A
  • decode a digit for O
  • form a PAO compound
  • relate it to the location

You could argue that getting P, A, and O will be faster than in a 2 digit PAO, but forming the compound image and relating it to the location will take just as long if not longer because you need to make the scene more unique due to repeating images.

Probably… you only got 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 different PAO images in your entire system. Most people move from a 2 digit system to a 3 digit system to avoid repeating images.