Life hacks

(Rohit Sharma) #1

Hey i just read a post about common places (How to really absorb useful things you read each day) a few minutes ago and the idea seems genius to me . Mnemonics have made learning very efficient for me and i wish that i had discovered them years ago . I was wondering if anyone knew about any other things that have resulted in betterment of their life in any area in life(like mnemonics have in studying ) . And do you know about any other life hacks like common places (such as related to sleep , meditation or whatever ) That would benefit me and would improve my quality of life or any books or blog or any other thing anyone would like to suggest.

Thank you.

(Josh Cohen) #2

I’m not sure of specific ones, but there are some discussions about sleep and mediation (type either keyword into the search box). There’s a discussion about memorizing every day of life that is interesting, if you haven’t seen it.


You might want to read this:

80,000 Hours career guide, Part 9: Evidence-based advice on how to be successful in any job (there’s ‘job’ in the title, but it’s basically a very good introduction to life hacking)

Alex Vermeer: Life Hacking − many tips


Thanks Rodent. This is an excellent resource .

(Aaron) #5

it is unbelievable!