Level UP!

Have not updated for ages. But have been busy developing mind palaces and prioritising the information I want to remember. The main reason for posting is because I have reach Level 5 in the memorising numbers in Memory League. For some this may not be an enormous achievement but I have been trying for some time now…so I’m very happy and felt it warranted a mention on my progress blog. Ewww! 30 numbers next…the next progress blog entry for this could take some time! :slight_smile:

My memorising medications and their use is going really well…considering how many I want to remember. It is slow and time consuming but I want to ensure that each image - medication association is firmly etched in my mind before I move on to the next. Thus, I am using Memrise as an aid to achieve this. I’m hoping that the new software on Art of memory may also help me. So looking forward to seeing the contents of the software. It’s a shame it is a bit behind schedule but I can imagine it must involve a lot of work and I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Congrats! It so good to see someone practicing memory techniques in your age. Wish you good results.
Also Memrise is a good service so wish you luck with this one too!