Letter Quads discussion

This thread is created for people who are planning to memo some chunk as a group of four letters. There are 126,720 letter quads for all possible edge cases on the 3x3, so its a big zoo/farm that we have to make up to have a complete system.

In this thread, discussing difficult Letter Quads which could not be classified into a person, action or object/mnemonic is intended. Also how to get efficient and reach the fluency level as letter pairs is expected. Any techniques to do that will be appreciated?

P.S. My personal path as of 2020 end: I have about 102000 letter quads familiar and have them up in an excel sheet. I try to use them in MBLD, as 3BLD is mostly audio and images. I started making Letter Quads early in 2017. No idea when I will achieve fluency in making letter quad sentences.

For now letter pairs is the main method used in 3x3 blindfolded and 3x3 multiblind.


I think smaller system is better than bigger system.
It requires less practice while bigger system requires many hardwork and repetition.

I am using double letter pair in blindfolding like many cubers used.
And it is still very efficient way to do .

126720 - It’s like an impossible task.

While double letter pair requires 676 images only.
If anyone practice this only with great hardwork , can achieve better score with brilliant efficiency.

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True I used the letter pair system from 2014 to 2017 and broke a few records too.

The thing is there are only 480 letter pairs and they get repetitive in big attempts like 50+ cubes MBLD. So I have started using letter quads since 2018. Its a lot of hard work for sure, but I have lot of familiarity with letter quads now since I am already 2+ years into it, and 126,720 is not that big of a number after a few years work like I did from 2018-2020.

Have you considered a PAO letter pair system? Creatively constructed, this could build on an existing letter pair system. I remember seeing a massive PAO letter pair spreadsheet before, but I forget who created it.

Using letter pairs in PAO would, at best, require only about 1300 additional images and massively reduce repeated images in MBLD.

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Yes I have considered it. In fact I do have a PAO system for letter pairs, and make sentences using it.
I thought of taking up the letter quads project just to see whether it was feasible or not.